Daniel Ruelas

Daniel Ruelas

Daniel Ruelas, 16, has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, one count of juvenile possession of a pistol and sentencing enhancements after an alleged shooting took place on Nov. 15 at Nome Park near Aurora Central High School.

Ruelas was driving a Chrysler with Fuelas as another Central High student present.

Early Life and Education

Luis Ruelas was born and educated at Tappan Zee High School. His parents are Louie and Iris Ruelas; his three siblings include sisters Jennifer, Veronica and brother David. As an entrepreneur he co-founded Interacting Marketing Solutions which eventually transitioned into Digital Media Solutions Group; later serving as its executive vice president of business development.

He is one of the suspects in the November 15, 2021 Nome Park shooting near Aurora Central High School that injured three teenagers aged 14, 15, and 16. This incident resulted in injuries for 14-year-old male, 15-year-old female, two 16-year-olds as well as their respective caregivers.

Ruelas and Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey have been in a relationship since 2020 and currently share an extravagant home together, in which their two sons, Nicholas and Louie Jr, reside.

Professional Career

Ruelas, 16, stands accused of 16 counts of attempted first-degree murder and three charges of first-degree assault as well as juvenile possession of a handgun with sentencing enhancements for an incident at Nome Park across from Aurora Central High School which left three injured parties (a 14-year-old boy, 15-year-old girl and two other teens – who all survived).

He is currently studying business information systems and finance at TCU, working on both the football video team’s film crew as a member of its film crew and serving as a Phonathon caller utilizing marketing, customer service and persuasive communication skills to encourage alumni support of their university. In addition, he has gained experience by working at different restaurants as well as an electronics store.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Ruelas has become an international headline after his school shooting attack at Nome Park. He was charged as an adult, and could potentially serve prison time for the crime. A trial has since started against Ruelas; further information will soon become public knowledge.

Ruelas fired multiple shots at students while they were eating lunch at their high school, using what appears to be a handgun as his weapon. According to an affidavit filed against him, charges include three counts of first-degree assault and juvenile possession of a pistol along with sentencing enhancements.

Sultana High School in Hesperia, California and graduated with a grade point average of 3.75 on at least 12 graded credit hours. In addition, he played soccer as part of the soccer team and participated in academic honors convocation ceremonies.

Personal Life

Teresa Giudice made headlines for her difficult divorce from Joe Giudice, but soon found love again when she met businessman Luis “Louie” Ruelas – they first began dating in 2020 and announced their engagement by October 2021.

Giudice posted an adorable post to Instagram showing herself and her fiance relaxing together while on a romantic vacation to Santorini in December 2017, captioning the photo with two heart emojis.

Ruelas was arrested Nov. 15 in relation to a mass shooting at Aurora’s Nome Park across from Aurora Central High School, leaving six students from that school injured but none fatally. Ruelas faces 16 counts of attempted first-degree murder, three counts of first-degree assault, juvenile possession of handgun possession and sentencing enhancements in connection with his alleged involvement in this mass shooting incident.

Net Worth

He co-founded Digital Media Solutions and has amassed vast wealth from this endeavor, being featured in multiple renowned newspapers and magazines for his business pursuits.

Luis Ruelas shot into the limelight in 2020 when he began dating Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey fame. They currently reside in a large mansion located in Montville Township, New Jersey which cost them over $3 million USD.

Ruelas was born in Allendale, New Jersey on 23 April and attended Tappan Zee High School. At 46, he has two children with Marisa DiMartino – Louie and Nicholas Ruelas. Additionally, he keeps up a presence across social media by posting photos and videos from his life.

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