Daniel Sabatino

Daniel Sabatino

Daniel Sabatino specializes in complex commercial litigation matters and has vast experience handling trials and appeals relating to business disputes across various industries, such as real estate and finance.

He is a member of both the Massachusetts Bar Association and New Hampshire Bar Association, serving as a judicial clerk to Hon. Judge Thomas Gannon in Massachusetts.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Sabatino was a proud resident of Northborough, Massachusetts who enjoyed spending time with his family. His favorite pastimes included visiting his nieces and nephews as well as cooking Italian dishes at Hays Funeral Home of Northborough, Massachusetts. Our hearts go out to them during this difficult time.

He decided to audition for Marymede Catholic College’s inaugural junior production and was offered the part of Horton the Elephant! What’s even more remarkable is that it was his very first stage performance!

The Book of Daniel, also referred to as Prophecy of Daniel, is an ancient biblical text which recounts traditional tales about Daniel’s struggles and triumphs as part of Ketuvim (Writings) section of both Jewish Old Testament and Christian Bibles.

Professional Career

Daniel Sabatino has an eclectic professional career that spans project management and operations specialists roles, as well as roles as commercial operations associate at Klarna and onboarding specialist at HERO; additionally he was customer success intern. Additionally he gained dance industry experience by working at RIOULT Dance NY from 2009-2012.

Archer’s Business Litigation Group and has extensive trial and appellate experience, handling complex commercial litigation ranging from breach of contract and fiduciary duty disputes, business divorce proceedings, securities law issues and trade secret issues to business divorce. He possesses all these services at Archer.

Outside of work, he enjoys listening to music and playing harmonica, as well as taking photographs of his family and cooking Italian food.

Personal Life

Daniel Sabatino was born in Uxbridge, Massachusetts and proudly served in the U.S Army. After marrying Doris (deceased), Daniel devotedly raised Alyssa and Justin as well as being an outstanding husband to Doris (deceased). Additionally he leaves many nieces and nephews along with their families behind; Daniel enjoyed playing harmonica, listening to music, cooking Italian food as well as gardening; his life will be greatly missed by all that knew him.

He had long lived in Northborough, MA. A memorial service will take place later once Covid restrictions have been lifted.

Net Worth

He owned MDCA and made several trades over 18 years with this stock, most recently on 12 March 2014 when he acquired 10,000 units worth $214,800 from MDCA.

Mr. Keitel is best-known for his portrayal of Dr. Dave Malucci on NBC medical drama ER, although his acting credits also include FX war drama Over There and Finders Fee. U-571 and Can’t Hardly Wait are other films in which he appeared.

Current Residence of Joseph Sabatino; Home Address 419 Merle Way Feasterville Trevose PA 19053 Bucks County. He registered Republican; Date of Birth 26 June 1985 and Married Kathryn Sabatino with three Children

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