Daniel Safdieh

Ronald and Daniel Safdieh v. Serbetcioglu

Serbetcioglu’s complaint asserts that during his stay at the hotel from May 5-7, 2009, Serbetcioglu spoke with Ronald and Daniel Safdieh regarding various pieces in their galleries which he believed to be Faberges. Ronald and Daniel Safdieh filed a motion for dismissal against Joseph Safdieh due to him being an infant (CPLR 3211(a)(1)(5)) although no competent proof has yet been provided as to his age by either party.

Early Life and Education

Often compared to the Coen Brothers, the Safdie brothers’ work offers a distinctively American take on crime, violence and family relations. Both brothers write, direct and act in their films with frequent collaborators such as Eleonore Hendricks, Buddy Duress and Ronald Bronstein behind the camera. New York City provided great inspiration for early works while it remains central to later films by this duo.

The brothers are members of Congregation Orach Chaim in Long Branch, New Jersey where they actively engage with their community by hosting Shabbat dinners for fellow congregants. Furthermore, they’re enthusiastic supporters of the New York Knicks, often attending every game! For more on their work please visit their official website.

Professional Career

Safdieh, a retired military pilot with over 24 years of experience as both aircraft commander and aviation safety consultant, holds an airline transport pilot license and has flown the Britten-Norman BN-2T Islander, Fokker F-27 and Boeing 737 (300-800) series aircraft as well as being type rated on Aerovodochody L-29 Dolphin jet trainer aircraft as well as L-39 Albatross light attack jet aircraft from Aerovodochody Aerovodochody respectively. Prior residences included 1 West 34th St, New York City while living at 73 Woodgate Ave Long Branch NJ

Personal Life

Even with his busy schedule, Safdieh finds time for community involvement. He and Lauren are members of Congregation Orach Chaim where they dedicate much of their free time organizing Shabbat dinners and programs as volunteers. Furthermore, both regularly participate in Orach Chaim’s Welcome Wagon to help newcomers feel welcome within the Jewish community.

The Safdie brothers are multifaceted filmmakers renowned for producing, directing, writing and editing. Their early works were heavily influenced by their upbringing and featured New York City as a prominent location. Many critics compare them with the Coen brothers due to their distinct look and style; among their regular collaborators include Eleonore Hendricks, Buddy Duress Ronald Bronstein and Sean Price Williams.

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