Daniel Saxton

Daniel Saxton – Personal Injury Attorney

Daniel Saxton is an esteemed personal injury attorney, having successfully helped clients recover millions in compensation through his firm.

Dan Saxton filed a motion to vacate, alleging that the United States lacks jurisdiction to prosecute his conviction of possessing child pornographic materials. The court disapproves this motion.

Early Life and Education

Saxton graduated from Pocono Mountain High School and went on to Mansfield State Teacher’s College where she earned a teaching degree. Wayne and their sons Stephen and Sheldon played key roles in her life.

One of his popular series is an ongoing challenge from fans where he creates games they ask him to. One such challenge asked for multiplayer game creation; Muck was produced as part of this effort.

His focus began with Java before moving on to Unity, a game engine built with C#. He uses IntelliJ IDEA for Java coding and Rider for Unity development; additionally he employs Adobe Suite tools like Photoshop and Premiere when making videos that he posts on Reddit.

Personal Life

He enjoys attending his family’s sporting events and camping trips in his free time, reading voraciously and traveling. Currently living in Walker Valley, New York.

Saxton’s firm assumed representation for a client facing foreclosure on her home in December 2011. A non-lawyer employee encouraged the client to file a meritless bankruptcy petition pro se in order to stop foreclosure proceedings; Saxton acknowledged this action violated Bar Rule 5.5.

He brings over 10 years of experience in private healthcare business development and marketing to NHS Commercial Activities at Royal Papworth Hospital, acting as co-chair for three years as part of his tenure. In addition, he serves as Board Director for UKIHMA with three terms as Co-Chair.

Professional Career

Saxton served in the 19th Regiment of New York Volunteers during the American Civil War and as Justice of the Peace and President for Clyde Village in Missouri.

Saxton has spent over two decades as part of the development consulting industry and approaches projects with an organized and comprehensive approach.

Since taking on his head coaching role in 1994, Saxton has propelled Michigan State’s basketball program into one of its most fruitful periods. Under his guidance came their inaugural Big Ten Conference Tournament victory and an incredible 354 Academic All-Big Ten honorees; two times Alumni Coach of the Year from his coaching tenure!

Achievement and Honors

Dan Saxton had an enormous influence on those around him during his life. He was an amazing husband, father and friend to all, loving humanity with great passion while sharing his faith freely with all he met. Additionally, he took great pride in all that he accomplished while giving it 100% every time.

He was part of the Northern Iowa Community College Student Support Services TRIO program that helps keep students on track to graduate from NIC and transfer onto four-year institutions, and also belonged to its chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

At present, he is in his fifth year of Architectural Engineering at Penn State University and working toward earning both his Bachelor/Master of AE as part of their integrated program. Additionally, he has completed internships at both PSU’s Office of Physical Plant and Engineering Ministries International.

Net Worth

Saxton is highly involved in both Australian and New Zealand start-up ecosystems, supporting early stage companies as an investor, adviser or director. With extensive technology consulting experience having completed significant change programs across telecommunications and energy industries he has made multiple exits successful exits with multiple exit strategies successfully completed.

At trial, a jury sided with Saxton on most of his claims and awarded him $72,000 in compensatory damages and $750,000 in punitive damages. Hip Hop now challenges both these awards as well as rulings of trial court on his alter ego and joint employer claims. During the trial Saxton called witnesses Matthew Beck and Penelope Han to testify about Hudson’s control of Hip Hop as well as Howard’s testimony as well as financial documents from Hip Hop that demonstrated net equity of approximately $350k with relatively minor liabilities – they all gave testimony at trial that during proceedings Saxton presented their evidence as part of this case. Hip Hop now challenges this award against Saxton as well.

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