Daniel Scannell

Daniel Scannell is a Director of Development at Scannell Properties

Chef Scannell graduated with two degrees from Johnson & Wales University: an Associates Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts as well as a Bachelors in Food-Service Management. In 1998 he became one of only 66 people nationwide to pass the Certified Master Chef examination successfully.

At the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), he held virtually every key executive position and led labor negotiations that resulted in some of New York City’s costliest strikes. On Tuesday he died at a nursing home in Manhattan.

Early Life and Education

Born in the Bronx, he attended Fordham University and Law School simultaneously at night. Following college he initially worked as an accountant but soon moved onto working for both city corporation counsel’s office and later the police department before eventually joining Metropolitan Transportation Authority as one of three commissioners; following some time spent practicing private legal profession he returned to transportation work holding almost every executive position possible.

As labor negotiator for years of strained relations between the agency and its unions – including 1966’s strike which caused the longest commuter train shutdown ever – he also played a pivotal role in labor negotiations.

He leaves behind his wife; two daughters – Maureen Scannell Bateman of Manhattan and Kevin Scannell from Newark; six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Professional Career

Daniel Scannell serves as Director of Development at Scannell Properties and oversees site selection, due diligence, budgeting, underwriting and local/state entitlement processes. Additionally he leads a team of consultants in designing and building both speculative and build-to-suit projects.

He began as an accountant before transitioning into law enforcement before accepting a position with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority where he held nearly every key post imaginable, making significant improvements such as color-coding subway lines and installing air conditioning in trains.

His leadership earned the Kansas University baseball team 11 Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference championships under him. Additionally, he coached two MLB All-Stars – Chase Utley and Garrett Atkins. Lastly, he enjoyed daily walks with his dogs and grandchildren and has written three short illustrated books.

Achievement and Honors

Chef Scannell earned his Associate’s Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts at Johnson & Wales University and later received an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Culinary Arts. His Alma Mater awarded him with this prestigious accolade in May of 2006.

He holds certification with the World Association of Chefs Societies and has participated in culinary competitions both domestically and abroad.

Chef Scannell currently serves as Chief Chef for Joe Vicari Restaurant Group and his culinary expertise has garnered numerous awards and recognition over time. One of only 72 Master Chefs in the United States, with 50 years of experience. Alongside his culinary talent, Chef Scannell is also recognized for his leadership within both military service and his community service.

Personal Life

Fordham University offered him both accounting and law studies concurrently, so he could work full time while attending night school for both fields. Once out of accounting school, he joined the police force. Later he joined the Corporation Counsel’s Office where he argued four cases before the United States Supreme Court. But transportation remained his passion throughout his 45-year career where he served as First Vice Chairman of New York City Transit Authority as one of its key labor negotiators.

Scannell lived in Belmont, Massachusetts with his wife. He also had two daughters and a son as well as numerous nieces and nephews, before passing away in 2000 at age 87. According to his daughter he enjoyed reading, opera going, physical fitness training as well as membership of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Net Worth

Daniel has been involved with the development of over 16 million square feet of industrial space during his career. He oversees site selection, due diligence, budgeting, underwriting, local and state entitlements and land acquisition. Furthermore, Daniel heads a team of consultants that design and build both speculative and build-to-suit projects.

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