Daniel Selovich

Daniel Selovich, Who Legally Changed His Name to Pirate, Has Reappeared in Redwood County, Calif.

Daniel Selovich, also known by his legal name Pirate, was found living in Alaska after taking a plea deal for sexually assaulting a woman in 2010. Pirate regularly posted to online communities devoted to off-grid living on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Selovich can easily be identified with his distinct facial tattoos that cover his entire face, and has a lengthy criminal record across various states.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Selovich, legally changed to Pirate, became notorious in Alaska following an abhorrent 2015 criminal case alleging him of holding a woman captive and sexually molesting her six times every day for five weeks – only being freed when an army evacuation helicopter landed nearby to transport her to hospital, according to an affidavit from a state trooper.

Selovich is a drifter who has been charged with various misdeeds across the nation. Although he escaped arrest in Redding when DNA collected at the scene of an alleged rape matched his, court records indicate he was eventually captured by authorities in New Mexico a year later and pleaded no contest, serving time behind bars before finally receiving an amnesty plea deal and returning home.

Professional Career

Police in Redding have cautioned residents against seeking vigilante justice against an sexually violent predator with an extensive record who has recently been seen in their community. Daniel Selovich – now legally known by his alias Pirate – can easily be identified due to the vast amount of tattoos covering most of his face and body.

In November he was arrested in Alaska for the kidnap and sexual assault of a disabled woman whom he met online. Prosecutors allege he tied her to a ceiling rafter and subjected her to painful torture for five weeks – beating, biting and cutting her with a serrated blade blade.

He was initially charged with four felony counts of aggravated battery and one misdemeanor, but thanks to a plea agreement his charges have been reduced to misdemeanors and was sentenced Tuesday via videoconference from an undisclosed location in Idaho.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Selovich (now legally known as Pirate), who committed sexually assault and beating of a disabled woman while at Idaho Prison Service was given credit for time served and given another four year term of imprisonment at an undetermined Idaho location.

This 41-year-old with face-covering tattoos is easily recognizable due to his facial scars. In 2010, he was arrested in New Mexico after DNA collected from Redding rape victim was determined to match him, according to KRCR.

In 2015, he was accused of kidnapping and violently assaulting a woman at his cabin in Manley Hot Springs. He was extradited to Nevada; however, due to her death before trial could commence against him.

Personal Life

Redding, California (KRCR) — A man facing numerous charges of sexual assault and kidnapping has reappeared in Shasta County and residents are warning people not to approach him. Daniel Selovich (also known as Pirate), with extensive criminal ties across multiple states has recently reappeared and local residents should stay away.

He can easily be recognized on the streets due to the tattoos covering his face, as well as on social media under his handle “Raven Bushmaster.”

This 41-year-old has spent time behind bars for sexual crimes but has recently returned to Alaska’s streets, facing accusations of raping a woman and holding her hostage for weeks with rope tied around their necks and using duct tape as nightly restraints. Prosecutors believe he used these methods of binding her in order to rape and hold hostage her until he could use violence against her to free himself.

Net Worth

Redding, California police are issuing an alert to residents not to attack a sexual predator who has returned to reside there after having previously fled due to legal changes that changed his name to “Pirate.” Daniel Selovich has an extensive criminal past spanning multiple states which includes charges of sexual assault and kidnapping.

The 41-year-old can easily be recognized due to the large tattoo covering much of his face, which made him arrestable after DNA samples taken from him matched up with that found in Redding rape cases, according to reports in 2010.

He pleaded no contest and served four years in prison before moving on to Fairbanks where he made headlines for an infamous 2015 case where he held captive a woman at an isolated cabin and beat and sexually assaulted her before forcing her into submission with force.

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