Daniel Sigler

Who is Daniel Sigler?

Public records reveal that Daniel Sigler currently resides on Ellendale Ln in Chanhassen and may also have had previous addresses at City Walk Drive and elsewhere.

Special Prosecutor Daniel Sigler announced Tuesday morning that Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill would not face charges related to allegations of drunken groping of three lawmakers and three legislative staffers at a party held last March.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Sigler grew up in San Francisco’s Bay Area as part of a Jewish household; his mother’s father was Orthodox Jewish while her grandmother was Hassidic Jewish. At age 9, Daniel heard the gospel through Vacation Bible School, realizing her sin had separated her from an holy God and trusting in His sacrifice on the cross to pay for that sin and restore fellowship with Him. Later she married Tim and founded Ariel Ministries together dedicated to teaching it from a Messianic Jewish perspective; together they have three dynamic young adult children as well as enjoying hosting holiday celebrations at home.

Professional Career

Daniel Sigler is an attorney who specializes in toxic tort/environmental litigation relating to exposures of asbestos, chemicals and silica. He has handled hundreds of such cases representing property owners, manufacturers, distributors and contractors from premise owners and tenants to manufacturers and distributors and contractors as well as various mediation sessions and trial verdicts. Daniel currently works at The Trademark Group (TRG). Prior to that he worked for RBS Securities Inc.

Achievement and Honors

Hollis Sigler rose to prominence during Chicago’s vibrant art scene during the 1970s as an influential member. She co-founded Artemesia Gallery, a women’s cooperative gallery. Sigler’s works from this era often depict domestic scenes set within theatrical environments that she reduced by eliminating figures altogether from compositions; she used open dressers, clothing strewn about and signs of activity instead as vehicles for storytelling.

She has won multiple honors and awards, such as a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship and Elizabeth Crain Award. Currently she resides at 240 Ward Avenue, Bellevue Kentucky 41073-1211. She has seven children and three grandchildren. Additionally she is a member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Personal Life

Bernice and their three adventurous young adult children Netanya, Atalya and Asher remain his survivors; together they enjoy hosting Jewish holiday events as well as speaking Hebrew at home.

As well as teaching, he served as newspaper adviser, speech contest coach and outdoor skills teacher; junior high basketball and track coach; English Department Head / freshman-to-senior Advisor as well as an Assistant Coach of trapshooting / smallbore (.22) rifle teams.

Police allege Sigler committed at least three carjackings in Las Vegas before forcing a couple to drive him to Long Beach, where he abducted a child’s mother and held her hostage on a city bus while exchanging gunfire with officers. Finally, during a shootout between Sigler and police officers he surrendered by throwing his handgun onto the ground and surrendering.

Net Worth

He is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of $2 Million thanks to his career in acting, dancing and modeling which earned him significant wealth. Additionally, he worked as a television host before going on to publish a book of his own.

His practice includes toxic tort/environmental litigation relating to exposures of asbestos, chemicals and silica. He has represented various clients including premise owners, manufacturers and others both during trial proceedings and mediation proceedings.

Her Instagram account boasts over 50,000 followers, where she regularly posts pictures and videos to build up a following. She trained under China Taylor at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles before participating in a music video shoot alongside Caitlin Carmichael, Mia Dinoto, Kelsey Cook and Sissy Sheridan.

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