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Dan Staveley

Dan Staveley Photography is an award-winning creative commercial photography studio located in South Wales that provides product, portrait and lifestyle shoots.

His sermons had strong evangelical content and can still be found written down today. Additionally, he advocated that religious oaths be taken with an uplifted hand well before becoming common practice.

Early Life and Education

Staveley had impressive academic grades and graduated from Cambridge, yet she possessed a more approachable side – one with strong work ethics and the ability to network in order to generate income independently.

Staveley’s own branch of his family remained in County Antrim until Robert changed it from Staveley to Stevelly to prevent descendants from traveling north in an attempt to recover property that his grandfather had lost; so this was done so as an act of resistance against journeying to Yorkshire to recover what had been lost by Staveley himself.

Robert was captain of the Bristol Packet, sailing twice weekly between Cork and Bristol with passengers and cargo. Additionally, he enjoyed sailing yachts in Wellington Harbour; an affinity inherited from both his father (a boat builder) and grandfather (an experienced sea captain).

Professional Career

She has become famous for her daring deal-making, often with oil-rich sheiks and British football clubs like Newcastle United and Liverpool FC. According to reports, she reportedly made up to PS100 million by selling stakes in such clubs as these.

Critics claim Staveley has compromised her principles by siding with an authoritarian regime like Dubai’s, particularly because her London apartment features pictures of Sheikh Mansour and Dubai’s ruling family, alongside Manchester United charity ventures and David Beckham’s Unicef fund as evidence of such support.

Staveley is known for being a workaholic despite her condition of Huntington’s Disease which causes short-term memory loss and makes sleeping for more than three hours impossible. Due to her illness it becomes harder for her to make selective decisions regarding which projects she takes on.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Staveley has distinguished himself in several fields outside the military as well. At the 2018 Paralympic Games he won one gold and four silver medals – earning himself the title of best male athlete at these competitions.

He is a proud American who takes great joy in serving his nation. After successfully completing Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, he now is part of the Navy’s elite SEAL team.

He never missed Sunday services during his fifty-year ministry unless he was in jail; his church boasted over one thousand members. Furthermore, he became known for coaching sports at Steveston High, helping turn their football program into one of BC’s premier programs; additionally he has mentored basketball and hockey teams.

Personal Life

Staveley initially desired becoming an Olympic sprinter; however, her natural pace made her more adept at property than sprinting. When not working or studying property she enjoys shooting and pheasant hunting in her free time.

She played a vital part in Newcastle United’s acquisition by new owners who are spending heavily to return the club to premier League competition.

Staveley has become an adept networker, making the most of Dubai’s business community and playing an instrumental role in recruiting top footballers to the club. She politely declined Prince Andrew’s marriage proposal due to its potential detriment to her career; those familiar with her describe her as an influential go-getter with strong opinions who occasionally displays mood swings caused by stress or anxiety.

Net Worth

Her savvy business dealings may have come at a price, however; she once sued Barclays for hundreds of millions, alleging her PCP Capital Partners could have invested on better terms if not for its ‘false representations’ 13 years earlier.

She is married to Mehrdad Ghodoussi and lives primarily in London; however, much of her time can be found spent in Dubai. It is estimated that she is worth between PS110 million and PS130 million.

Staveley has used her connections with wealthy Middle Eastern investors as the driving force for her participation in a consortium that purchased Newcastle United from Mike Ashley. PCP Capital Partners assisted Sheik Mansour during his takeover of Manchester City from Thaksin Shinawatra before purchasing it directly in 2009. In 2016, PCP Capital Partners participated in a bid attempt by an unrelated party for shares in Liverpool FC that fell through.

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