Daniel Steman

Daniel Steman

Daniel Steman is an American entrepreneur and the founder of Pressto. Additionally, he organizes for Brooklyn Magazine, SummerScreen in McCarren Park and Northside Festival.

The HERALD extends a warm welcome to Mr and Mrs Daniel Stemen who recently held their Golden Wedding at Buehmorei on Thanksgiving day, joined by all their children and grandchildren.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Steman is the Founder & CEO of Pressto, an online platform which enables high school students to publish student newspapers. After visiting numerous Brooklyn high schools and discovering that many had discontinued their journalism programs, Steman created Pressto as a solution.

He attended Armstrong High School and Dunwoody College of Technology before founding and serving as CEO of Northside Media, including Brooklyn Magazine, SummerScreen, Taste Talks and The L Magazine. Additionally he provided cultural curating services for Dutch, Swiss and German consulates in New York City.

He is survived by his wife, Sonia E. Denzer; son Dylan James Steman and daughter Danialle Jean Marie Steman; sister Diane (Steman-Hayden) Steman and Darla Erickson; nieces Sarah Dunnom, Amy-Marie Steman and Alexis Hayden as well as great niece Gianna.

Professional Career

Daniel Steman was a hardworking family man. He enjoyed woodworking, camping, fishing and being part of Bricklayers Union Local 1. Additionally he loved working as a mason/bricklayer – both skills which will be greatly missed by his loved ones including wife Sonia E. Steman; son Dylan James Steman and daughter Danialle Jean Marie Steman as well as mother Joyce Steman, brother Brian Steman; sisters Diane (John) Steman-Hayden-Erickson-Erickson as well as niece Sarah Dunnoms Sarah Dunnom Amy-Marie Steman Alexis Hayden Blair Hayden as great niece Gianna; before Maynard Steman passed away he will be missed by loved ones but never forgotten by those left behind to remember him forever more!

In 2021, Austin FC selected Stemen as 28th overall in Major League Soccer SuperDraft but decided not to sign him, leading him to find work with Greenville-based design firm B2B Media instead.

Achievement and Honors

At various points in his career, he has produced and directed multiple films, such as award-winning short Blackout. Inspired by the New York City blackout of 2003, this short won multiple accolades at international festivals around the globe.

Stemen is also an accomplished writer and publisher; he founded Pressto and owned Northside Media Group which included Brooklyn Magazine, BAMbill SummerScreen in McCarren Park and Taste Talks.

In 2016, he won a professional Emmy award for his video work at Capital University, including projects for its Film and Media Production Program, trailer for Cadia feature-length movie trailer, and short narratives. The award was given by Ohio Valley Chapter of National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Personal Life

His survivors include his wife, Sonia Steman; sons Dylan James and Danialle Jean Marie; daughters Jessica and Danielle; grandchildren Sarah Dunnom, Alexis Hayden, Blake Hayden and Blair Hayden as well as many nieces and nephews including his great-niece Gianna.

He grew up in Iowa, attended community college, and joined a Christian fraternity. According to one of his classmates, he plagiarized a paper. Additionally, his dream was of living among Manhattan’s shimmering skyscrapers so as to become wealthy more easily.

As soon as he arrived in Brooklyn, he saw an authentic opportunity to influence its development. He created Northside Media and founded summerScreen outdoor film festival; additionally he co-founded The L Magazine which played an instrumental role in fuelling Brooklyn emigration during its initial wave.

Net Worth

Has appeared in several films and TV shows, such as “Monk”, “ChiPs”, and “Dick”, as well as the recent adaptation of JK Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts”. He gained notoriety for his distinctive appearance that bears striking resemblance to former President Richard Nixon.

He currently acts for developers, local planning authorities and interested parties on significant infrastructure projects such as Elwy Solar Farm as well as development consent orders. He has acted in several high-profile cases including Marshall v East Dorset DC [2018] PTSR 1508; [2018] 2 P&CR; as well as clients under investigation by Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets). Jeremy has registered his law practice in California. Additionally he is married with two children: daughter and son.

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