Daniel Sterritt

Daniel Sterritt

Daniel Sterritt is an esteemed attorney who has earned the recognition of being chosen a Super Lawyers honoree. Specializing in general litigation matters in California, Sterrett Law was founded by him. Additionally, he’s an active member of California Bar Association as well as being honored as Rising Star by his peers.

Early Life and Education

Adam and Lexy Kindt were two children of Dan and Joan Kindt’s two, Adam was raised in Hardwick, Minnesota while working alongside his father at Kindt Oil before taking a job with Sanford USD Medical Center as well as helping out around their house with his mother Joan.

This collection includes correspondence to and from Sterrett regarding his search for teaching positions, law book orders, personal matters, pension-related legal issues of clients as well as maps and photographs of Allegheny College campus; some letters contain handwritten notes from Mr. and Mrs. William H. Sheakly which were donated to the library in 2007. It resides at University of Pennsylvania Library.

Professional Career

Sterritt works as a lawyer in California, representing clients with general litigation matters. He was recently honored to receive Super Lawyers for 2023 – an accolade bestowed only upon top-rated attorneys from across a state.

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On Wednesday morning in Livingston, a witness called 911 and reported seeing a man breaking into a home on Lod Stafford Road. Minutes later, a deputy located the suspect’s vehicle and pulled it over; soon thereafter, Sterritt was charged with burglary, resisting arrest, criminal damage to property as well as resisting arrest and resisting arrest charges.

Achievement and Honors

Sterrett made history at Lehigh University by serving as an undergraduate student-athlete, coach, faculty member and administrator – creating a highly skilled staff to oversee every aspect of student-athlete welfare. He earned numerous accolades from Lehigh including Hillman Staff Award for Excellence; Paul J. Franz Award for Distinguished Service and Lifetime Commitment to Lehigh awards.

Daniel Sterritt, 48 years old and resident of Somersworth in New Hampshire pleaded guilty last week to burglaries that took place between September 2014 and November of 2014. Investigators claim he collaborated with Sean Laughton during this heist spree.

At 10:21 a.m. on Jan. 11, a witness called 911 and reported seeing a male trying to gain entry to a home on Lod Stafford Road in Livingston Parish. Within seven minutes, a deputy spotted an identical vehicle matching that description and pulled it over for further investigation.

Personal Life

Sterritt overcame her challenging childhood to build a successful law practice and establish strong familial ties; she has one child named Daniel Morgan Sterritt and remains active within her community.

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Net Worth

Acting for the Claimant in an intricate claim against an investment firm for misappropriated investments. This case involves complex legal and evidence issues including breaches of fiduciary duty, trust breach and fraud allegations.

acting on behalf of a claimant against the estate of a deceased oligarch for unravelling attempts by him to place billions out of reach from claimants in Monaco matrimonial and estate proceedings, invoking allegations of deceit, forgery and offshore asset misappropriation.

He is representing a claimant in an ongoing civil suit concerning claims for copyright infringement, breach of confidence and other contractual violations.

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