Daniel Stidham

The Life of Daniel Stidham

Daniel Stidham is a husband, father and follower of Jesus who co-founded Stidham Financial Services with Megan. They specialize in finding solutions tailored specifically for clients’ individual circumstances.

She has lived her whole life in northeast Arkansas and oversees office operations at our firm. Her duties include scheduling meetings with professionals and clients, answering client inquiries and overseeing finances of our office.

Early Life and Education

Dan Stidham made history when he and Greg Crow opened their office in Paragould in 1992, taking on high-profile cases without hesitation.

At 18 and weeks from graduating Gravette High School, she vanished while running an errand for her father. For two months her family held out hope until a hunter discovered her skeletal remains near Bella Vista.

But while he makes certain aspects of his case public, Stidham remains tight-lipped on other details. His primary goal is helping families plan for the future and protect their wealth against unexpected circumstances – and has become a trusted adviser to many clients that rely on him for financial success.

Professional Career

Even after initial struggles in his early career, Stidham was determined to succeed. Working tirelessly in practice to enhance his game and eventually earning Auburn’s starting gig he completed more than 2,500 yards during both of these seasons as an active starter.

Once he graduated from Alabama, Cam Newton was selected by the New England Patriots and signed to their roster. While initially this may have seemed detrimental, Cam quickly saw this as an opportunity to compete and learn from Cam.

Robert enjoys spending quality time with his family in his free time and is also proud to own Affinity Advisory Network, a holistic full-service planning firm which assists people in protecting what they have worked so hard for and giving them financial peace of mind in retirement.

Achievement and Honors

Stidham experienced an adverse early life. For twelve years, his life was marked by instability among placements with family members as well as neglect and abuse from his stepmother, who would frequently beat them both with pans, paddles, bats and hands, inflicting physical injuries as punishment as well as making them consume their dogs’ feces as punishment.

At his retrial sentencing hearing, the state court sentenced Stidham to an aggregate term of 141 years; 60 for murder, 50 years for robbery, 20 years of criminal confinement and 8 years for battery. Following this judgement, Stidham filed a verified petition for post-conviction relief based on provisions from Indiana and U.S. Constitutions as well as recent scientific research regarding juvenile development to challenge his sentence as excessive.

Personal Life

As well as being an accomplished lawyer, Stidham is also an admired husband and father. He currently resides in Sugar Land, Texas where he strives to protect the estates of his clients as well as their loved ones.

Stidham loves spending his free time enjoying nature with his family. In his free time he also likes reading and playing music. Family history is another passion of his, while interacting with clients is another great hobby of his. Each client receives personalized treatment; Stidham strives to make everyone feel welcome when entering his office.

Net Worth

After graduating from Baylor, Jarrett Stidham was selected by the New England Patriots in the fourth round of the NFL Draft and served as their quarterback until being traded to Las Vegas Raiders in 2022.

He currently resides in Sugar Land, Texas with his wife Megan who is working towards earning her PhD in Theology from Wheaton College with hopes of becoming an urban church planter.

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