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Artist Profile – Daniel Sturgis

Daniel Sturgis is a British painter renowned for his works characterized by geometric forms and flat colors. Since 1996 he has had 11 solo shows and 57 group exhibitions to his credit.

His ‘Stacked Paintings’ showcase misaligning planes of flat color and chequered pattern; while his ‘Boulder Paintings’ represent an upending of natural order.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Sturgis studied art at Camberwell College of Art and Goldsmith University, London, before going on to exhibiting regularly with group exhibitions across the UK as well as hosting various solo exhibits at galleries like Galerie Hollenbach in Stuttgart and The Apartment in Athens. His art can be seen today.

His paintings employ an abstract visual language composed of repeated motifs that force viewers to actively consider potential associations between each motif and possible associations implied. This approach to abstraction marks a departure from modernist painting’s more reductive, representational motifs.

Sturgis is currently living and working in London as both an artist and curator, where he practices his trade of painting. He has organized several solo exhibitions of Liz Arnold and David Troostwyk among others.

Personal Life

Dan Sturgis was an extraordinary academic and colleague. His passion lay in teaching philosophy; he excelled as both backcountry skier and mountain biker, and was deeply committed to being both husband and father to his three daughters. All those fortunate enough to work alongside him will miss him greatly.

Sturgis’ work explores the associations implied by visual languages composed of repeated motifs and oscillating shapes, patterns, and colors. His paintings have been extensively shown both within the UK and Europe as solo shows including those at Galerie Hollenbach in Stuttgart; Cynthia Broan Gallery in New York; The Wordsworth Trust at Grasmere; and The Apartment in Athens.

Daniel Sturgis is currently curating “Bauhaus: Utopia in Crisis” at Camberwell Space until 9 November 2019; MyHeritage members with Daniel Sturgis as an ancestor are encouraged to add family trees and photos related to Daniel to this record.

Professional Career

Daniel Sturgis is a British artist known for his abstract art. His paintings often incorporate oscillating shapes, patterns, and colors which allow viewers to interpret them multiple ways. Daniel has displayed his works at over 11 solo shows and 57 group exhibitions over his career.

His paintings have been shown in galleries in London, Stuttgart and Athens. Additionally, he has organized multiple exhibitions – Bauhaus Utopia in Crisis at Camberwell Space and Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar as well as The Indiscipline of Painting at Tate St Ives and Mead Gallery Warwick Art Centre are just two.

Sturgis combines his artistic practice with teaching painting at the University of the Arts Camberwell. Additionally, he contributes his insights and criticisms through various publications.

Achievement and Honors

The Sturgis Medal is an Army-wide award that recognizes an enlisted soldier’s outstanding contribution in military troop construction or base maintenance through outstanding technical ability and leadership. First awarded in 1974, it honors Lt. Gen. Samuel D. Sturgis who served active component.

Daniel has organized solo exhibitions of artists David Troostwyk, Liz Arnold and Daniel Buren as well as group shows such as Bauhaus Utopia in Crisis Camberwell Space / Bauhaus University Weimar (2021/22), Playground Structure Blain Southern London 2017/18 and Jeremy Moon at Luca Tommasi Milan (2021).

Sturgis has served as City Manager of Sturgis SD for 10 years, during which time he successfully stabilised municipal finances, repaired key infrastructure and expanded monetization of an annual motorcycle rally. In addition, he holds an adjunct teaching appointment at University of Arts Camberwell.

Net Worth

He is highly enthusiastic about his students, making sure they fully understand his philosophy. His focus is more on class discussions rather than lectures, with participation grades being determined on that basis. Furthermore, his tests and quizzes offer ample opportunity for dialogue around various subjects.

He currently resides in Sturgis, Michigan with his wife and daughter as well as their two dogs and enjoys attending motorcycle rallies with them in his free time. An educator for more than four decades now, he is an outstanding educator.

Wendi Christine Sturgis estimated net worth as of 5 November 2020 is estimated at an estimated $328 thousand. She has made several transactions worth more than $147.5253, most recently selling 7199 units valued at $75,230 each on 5 November 2020 for an aggregate total of over $147.5253. Wendi serves as an Independent Director with Container Store Inc.

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