Daniel Susma

Daniel Susma, 29, Restored to Fitness for Release

McHenry County judge doubled bail for an Algonquin man charged with posting threats about shootings at this year’s North Coast Music Festival in Bridgeview suburbia. A 29-year-old from Algonquin is accused of battering his 71-year-old female relative by striking her face, arms, back, causing red marks and bruises as well as placing his hands over their mouths to hinder breathing.

Early Life and Education

McHenry County — A 29-year-old Algonquin man accused of attacking and battering a 71-year-old relative before posting social media threats of shooting at an electronic and hip hop music festival in Bridgeview has been found fit to release.

Daniel Susma was arrested after police received reports that he had assaulted and injured his mother at their family’s residence, covering her mouth and nose as she screamed for help, leaving red marks and abrasions.

At his arrest, he was charged with aggravated battery of a person 60 years or older and domestic battery, in addition to three counts of domestic violence and violation of an order of protection. If released from jail he would have to wear a GPS tracking device, stay at least 1,000 feet from her residence, take all prescribed medications, as well as adhere to a 24-hour house curfew with exceptions only being made for doctor’s appointments and court dates.

Professional Career

Susma was arrested after posting on social media about an impending shooting at the North Coast Music Festival over Labor Day weekend in Bridgeview and mentioned Thomas Pentz who performs under his stage name Diplo.

Susma did not possess the capability of carrying out such an attack, according to Algonquin police and FBI analysis, according to Deputy Chief Ryan Markham.

Susma was charged with aggravated battery on an older adult and domestic violence, and entered a negotiated plea to the Class 3 felony in exchange for two other charges being dismissed, according to court records. He was placed on special drug court probation where he must abstain from alcohol and drugs, submit to random urine and breath tests, as well as participate in treatment programs for alcoholism, drug dependency, mental illness issues as well as participation in mental health treatments programs.

Achievement and Honors

Susman has been honored as one of Chicago’s “Super Lawyers” in commercial litigation and personal injury law. Additionally, he holds memberships with the American Bar Association, Illinois State Bar Association and both Lake and McHenry County Bar Associations.

On July 11, police report Susma assaulted his 71-year-old mother by hitting her repeatedly in the face, arms, and back, leaving red marks and abrasions. Additionally, Susma placed his hands over her nose and mouth in order to restrict breathing according to the criminal complaint.

On Friday, a judge granted prosecutors’ request for his bond to be increased to $50,000 and ordered him to comply with GPS monitoring and 24-hour home confinement, court records show. Furthermore, probation rules restrict him from having any contact with the victim while permitting officers access to his phones and computers.

Personal Life

McHenry County, Ill. — An Algonquin man charged with assaulting his 71-year-old female relative and posting social media updates regarding a shooting at a music festival will be slowly returned to fitness beginning Friday.

Daniel Susma allegedly assaulted his mother, who is over 60 years old, leaving red markings and abrasions, covering her mouth and nose as she screamed in pain, and restricting her breathing – according to a criminal complaint filed with authorities.

Susma had posted on social media platforms earlier that he intended to “commit an act of violence at NORTH COAST MUSIC FEST,” where Grammy-winning producer Thomas Pentz (better known by his stage name Diplo) would be performing. Following Susma’s threats, festival organizers obtained a no-contact order against him and subjected him to specialty drug court probation wherein he must wear a GPS tracking device, stay at least 1,000 feet from his mother, take all medications as prescribed by doctors as well as participate in regular drug screenings.

Net Worth

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