Daniel Tighe

Daniel Tighe, Attorney at Law

Daniel Tighe specializes in insurance disputes as an attorney at Prince Lobel LLP’s Litigation Practice Group and continues legal education panels.

He has represented clients in multiple high-profile cases and been recognized by peers as one of the Rising Stars, becoming an affiliate member of The National Trial Lawyers.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Tighe was found guilty in 2013 for murdering his ex-partner and their five year-old son in Tallmadge. According to his lawyer, Tighe experienced an unstable childhood; living between several homes while being subjected to physical abuse before eventually being disowned by both parents, according to reports from court proceedings.

Jon Baumoel made these points clear during the sentencing phase of Wendy Ralston and Peyton Tighe’s murder last month in Summit County Common Pleas Judge Lynn Callahan’s ruling last week, awarding Tighe life without parole according to jury recommendation.

Daniel was the son of a widowed tenant at the Mahon estate in Strokestown, Ireland and survived an ordeal on board one of the worst “coffin ships” that crossed to Quebec City during the Famine in 1847 despite all odds. They eventually found permanent refuge with the French-Canadian Coulombe family that owned a 168-acre farm nearby Lotbiniere.

Professional Career

Daniel Tighe has established a successful practice helping individuals recover from catastrophic property damage caused by hurricanes, storms and other unavoidable events. His services have assisted thousands of homeowners and businesses receive their full insurance settlement. Furthermore, Daniel also handles insurance disputes and consumer protection cases.

Tighe is also well known for his engineering consulting business. He has completed projects such as wastewater systems upgrades and grant-funded infrastructure upgrades.

Tighe was found guilty of headbutting Gda Gillan while she attempted to protect him from a violent prisoner at Dublin’s Kevin Street Garda station on Arthurs’ Day 2013. Judge Mary Ellen Ring determined Tighe had consumed too much alcohol and had acted recklessly by attacking Gda Gillan; as such she ordered him to serve two and a half years with half suspended sentence.

Achievement and Honors

In 2021, he received the Young Professional Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Massachusetts (ACEC/MA). Since then he has presented his work at industry conferences and workshops while championing asset management within Tighe & Bond.

Judge Lynn Callahan of Summit County Common Pleas Court ordered Tighe to serve life without parole for aggravated murder of his ex-partner and her five year-old son in Tallmadge in 2013. Additionally, two counts of tampering with evidence and abuse of corpse were charged as separate offenses against Tighe.

Tighe was comforted in her initial days after becoming sick when former ABC foreign correspondent Zoe Daniel, herself having had viral encephalitis in 2007, contacted Tighe to reassure Mitchell there was hope of recovery.

Personal Life

Mary Tighe was forced out of the Mahon estate in Strokestown after their potato crop failed, with Daniel and Catherine Tighe ultimately migrating to Canada on one of many ‘coffin ships’ that crossed the Atlantic during Ireland’s famine period.

When they arrived in Quebec, Catherine Tighe worked as a servant in Reverend E.P. Cote’s household while Daniel worked on his farm on which they inherited it when he reached 18 years old.

Today, Tighe has established a substantial law practice in South Florida where he assists both homeowners and business owners with insurance disputes against major insurers. Additionally, he represents his clients in various regulatory proceedings as well as intellectual property cases.

Net Worth

Tighe is known for his expertise in insurance claims cases, helping property owners and condominium associations recover damages caused by their insurers. Additionally, Tighe can assist with class actions, disputes related to claim handling as well as cases that involve the Securities and Exchange Commission or Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Tighe’s income comes primarily from his ownership of CBS, a subchapter S corporation, and from his management consulting fee. According to Combined, this fee should be deducted from Tighe’s disability payments as it represents gross receipts from self-employment irrespective of expenses reported for federal tax purposes. He currently resides with his wife in Wilmington, MA and they have two children and four grandchildren. They have also lived in Washington DC, Mc Lean VA, and Vero Beach FL during this time.

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