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Wittra – Commercial Cooperation With Armand Duplantis and Daniel Wessfeldt

Wittra announced today the commencement of an exciting commercial partnership with world-class pole vaulter Armand Duplantis and his agent Daniel Wessfeldt – they both will feature in future commercials from Wittra.

He trained as a silversurgeon and was the Swedish youth massater on 300-meter hack. Later he established one of Europe’s premier sportagentors with notable clients like Armand Duplantis, Sarah Sjostrom, and Marcus Ericsson among his client list.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Wessfeldt is one of Europe’s premier sport agents, boasting clients such as Armand Duplantis, Sarah Sjostrom and Marcus Ericsson among many others. Today he operates his own agency: JRS Sports Management.

After graduating from Shortridge High School in Indianapolis, Wessfeldt worked as a reporter for The Indianapolis News before enrolling at Columbia College in New York. While there, he studied under literary critic Mark Van Doren and Lionel Trilling along with sociologist C. Wright Mills before going on to write for magazines such as The Nation, Dissent, and Commonweal.

He has also published five novels and a memoir; Open Road Media released these as ebooks in 2016. Additionally, he edited and wrote the introduction for Kurt Vonnegut Letters.

Professional Career

Armand Duplantis, world record holder in pole vaulting, has purchased shares in Wittra alongside his agent Daniel Wessfeldt as part of their new commercial cooperation agreement. Both will invest in the company as an initial step toward further partnership opportunities with them both investing in it as an equal stake shareholder.

Wessfeldt, who holds an IAAF agent license, represents some of Sweden’s top friidrottare including Armand Duplantis and Christian Olsson as well as international stars Tommi Evila and Sarah Sjostrom.

JRS Sports Management is located in Malmo, Sweden and employs two people. Their annual revenue was around one million Swedish Kronor with an approximate 40 percent profit margin. Wessfeldt boasts clients such as tennis player Jonas Bjorkman and boxer Armand Krajnc; current assets total approximately 2.6 Million Kronor while liabilities comprise 1.5 Million.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Wessfeldt is one of the world’s premier speakers on friidrottet. His expertise can be found throughout Sweden’s largest arenas and he has won multiple medals including becoming an Olympic medalist under Armand Duplantis’ watchful eye.

He has served as an instructor at numerous colleges and universities, as well as being an active speaker at regional and national conferences. Wessfeldt currently acts as sports agent for world record holder Armand Duplantis who owns major stakes in Swedish logistics company Wittra; both Wessfeldt and Duplantis recently collaborated in filming an advertisement that will be distributed worldwide by Wittra.

Personal Life

Daniel Wessfeldt serves as either head or foretradare of two large firms, having direct contact with personal contacts as well as working alongside Sweden’s biggest frydrottare such as youth mastor Armand Duplantis who qualified with all but zero points from any qualification process. Daniel also worked alongside such young adults such as Christian Olsson, three-stepstjarnan Jonas Lohse, Sarah Sjostrom (simmer) as well as Olympic women & men like Henrik Skoog, Alhaji Jeng and Johan Wissman (all qualified).

He pays an annual sum to hold various tournaments. He recently signed an attractive sponsorship contract in Norway with companies like Nike, Djurtorna and other. Both he and his agent anticipate that he will win an outstanding race, so he has agreed to cover any associated costs.

Net Worth

Daniel Wessfeldt boasts an estimated net worth of $4.5 Million and makes most of it through stock trades he’s executed over the past four years – over 6,000 transactions to be exact, the biggest being purchasing 5,000 units of Veritiv Corp stock on 20 March 2020.

He has represented several notable athletes such as Armand Duplantis, Christian Olsson and Sarah Sjostrom – in addition to international ones such as Ivana Brkljacic and Tommi Evila.

JRS Sports Management is an established sports management firm based out of Malmo, Sweden that manages 40 athletes. Through their partnership with Nike they also boast one notable client; pole vaulter Armand Duplantis-the world record holder-whom the company represents and invests heavily in Wittra.

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