Daniel Wingert

Daniel Wingert – Actor, Writer, and Voiceover Artist

Every call that a police officer receives can be pivotal, from cracking open an old cold case to sending officers off down the street with sirens blaring.

Wingert’s 14 months in Des Moines as police chief were marked by two pivotal calls – one which made him an instant hero, while the other made the weight of his badge feel heavier than ever.

Early Life and Education

Wingert was born in Iowa and raised in Wesley, Kossuth County community. As part of his upbringing he learned how to milk cows by hand on his family farm. Academically and athletically he excelled – playing basketball and football while becoming state champion at discus throwing.

At University of Northern Iowa, he earned a Bachelor’s of Political Science and Sociology before going on to receive his Master of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice at University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Wingert’s family consists of his wife Karen and children Michele Weis and Craig Weis, Pamela Hallberg and Robert, Dan Wingert and Tami Zimmerman with Dean; grandchildren Stephani, Zachary, Allison Hallberg; Brianna Newman and Cohen Newman as well as great-grandchildren Jacen, Zachary and Madison.

Professional Career

Daniel Gardner Wingert hails from Lebanon, Pennsylvania. His hobbies include astronomy, puzzles and riddles as well as playing tennis and reading extensively – his favorite TV shows being Star Trek and Hunger Games.

He received his training with Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet and School of American Ballet in New York. Since then he has performed principal and soloist roles with numerous nationally-renowned companies including George Balanchine’s Prodigal Son, Tarantella Symphony in C Jewels Fancy Free Interplay Four Seasons Mozartiana Nutcracker etc.

John has also made appearances in both Jerome Robbins’ Concert and Antique Epigraphs and Peter Martins’ The Sleeping Beauty; now teaching with Manhattan Youth Ballet as faculty. We welcome him onto our Panther team!

Achievement and Honors

Wingert received several honors and accolades throughout his career for both academic and professional achievements, such as Hope College’s Distinguished Alumni Award and the C.H. McCloy Honor Award from American Alliance for Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance.

He served for decades as publisher and board member of The Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas. He believed in the importance of print news as a source of information and was known for donating ad space to charitable causes while using The Monitor newspaper to foster peace and unity among communities.

As part of his two years at Haverford, he also received the Gerhard T. Alexis Scholarship – named for a former faculty member – which honors students with outstanding academic records during their first two years.

Personal Life

Deon has had numerous relationships throughout his life that have become close and lasting friendships, particularly his high school history teacher, Dirk Troutman. Dirk was always there for Deon during good and difficult times alike and will be missed greatly by Deon’s Wingert family.

Kelsey Wingert, an elegant American journalist and field reporter working for AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain. Throughout her tenure she has covered MLB games renowned for her tireless work ethic and commitment to her profession.

Kelsey Linch is currently married to Casey Linch and they share an extremely fulfilling relationship. In addition, Kelsey is mother to Skye. Kelsey can often be found keeping fans updated via social media about any major developments.

Net Worth

He has amassed an estimated net worth of $20 Million as an actor, writer, and voiceover artist. Best known for his roles in Kung Fu Panda TV series and video games; when not working he likes reading or performing magic tricks in his free time.

He is co-owner of The Wingert Group and has worked for both NBC News and CNN. Despite her busy schedule, she always makes time for family.

Kelsey Wingert was born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas with her parents Greg Wingert and Betsy Wingert. While Kelsey has not shared much about her personal life or siblings online, she remains highly-searched due to her journalism career and is known as an extremely hard worker and dedicated individual.

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