Daniel Wolter

Daniel Wolter, DDS, is an Army Brat With a Specialty in Civil Litigation

Danny’s firm offers comprehensive civil defense litigation services, representing clients in matters related to professional malpractice, nursing home liability, and other areas of insurance coverage. Danny takes great pride in upholding strong work ethics that keep their client’s best interests front-and-center when making decisions regarding each case.

He holds an A-V Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review and practices law in Alabama.

Early Life and Education

Born into an army family and growing up in Munich, Germany before studying dentistry at the University of Munich gave him a unique perspective about dentistry and oral health.

He currently practices civil litigation defense on behalf of professionals, nursing homes, retail establishments and insurance companies. When possible he strives to settle or resolve cases amicably; however if necessary he won’t hesitate to take them all the way to trial if necessary.

He is survived by his wife, Barb; children Drew (Harpal) Benavides Wolter of Dubuque and Cody Wolter of Apple Valley, California; step-grandchildren Brianna Stillmunkes, McKenna Rylie Stackis of Peosta; as well as many nieces and nephews. Barbara Predecessor died before him.

Professional Career

Dr. Wolter was raised as an “army brat”, spending much of his childhood living abroad – an experience which gave him a unique viewpoint, giving his practice an edge that few can match. Upon graduating with honors from Ludwig Maximillians University School of Dentistry in Munich he earned a master’s degree in Advanced General Dentistry.

He continues to devote significant resources and time towards professional education, believing this commitment to be the best way of serving his patients. Furthermore, he supports cutting-edge dental technologies and techniques.

He currently practices at Millennium Dental Arts in Goodyear, Arizona, providing complex restorative dentistry and esthetic procedures to Baby Boomers and seniors as well as general dentistry services. Sarah A. Wolter of Balaban Law has been actively engaged in several major mass tort litigations representing those injured by CPAP machines, Gilead TDF medications, Hernia Mesh implants, Roundup products, Essure, or Xarelto.

Achievement and Honors

Dr. Daniel Wolter was raised as an Army Brat and spent much of his early life overseas. Upon graduation from Munich Dental University with a Master’s in Advanced General Dentistry (AGD), his knowledge and perspective on dentistry and oral health expanded in ways unique and complementary to American dental studies.

NORC’s Statistics and Methodology department is widely acclaimed for his efforts in expanding it from its initial small group into the expansive team it is today, while his numerous journal articles – such as Introduction to Survey Statistics – have received wide acclaim.

Dan is married to Barb Wolter and has three children: Drew (Harpal) Benavides Wolter of Sacramento, CA; Cody Wolter from Dubuque and Rebecca “Scooter” Ameche of Peosta. Additionally he has one grandchild, Lucy; Brianna McKenna Rylie Stackis as well as two stepgranddaughters Brianna and McKenna who also live nearby as well as two step granddaughters Brianna Stackis-Stackis who all reside near him he also have one granddaughter called Scooter Ameche from Peosta he also has five stepgranddaughters Brianna McKenna Rylie; Brynlee Stackis is his home state!

Personal Life

Dan and his wife have three young daughters. He enjoys coaching little league sports for his daughters’ cheerleading events and talking music/movies during his free time.

As an “army brat”, he spent much of his early life overseas and gained an unique perspective on dentistry and oral health. He completed his dental degree at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich before later earning a Master’s in Advanced General Dentistry at Northwestern University.

Dan specializes in civil litigation defense, with particular attention paid to professional liability, nursing home liability, employment practices liability and premises liability cases. Rated as an “AV” lawyer by Martindale-Hubbell and boasting extensive trial experience. As an American Bar Association member and licensed to practice in all state courts in Alabama and the District of Columbia.

Net Worth

Wolter offers comprehensive civil litigation defense to clients ranging from employers, retail companies, professionals, insurance companies and nursing homes. He takes great pride in his tireless dedication and is renowned for providing personalized attention for each of his cases and clients.

He is the proud father of Drew (Harpal) Benavides Wolter from Dubuque and Cody Wolter from Peosta. Additionally he has stepdaughters Rebecca “Scooter” Ameche from Dubuque and Stacy Ameche from Peosta as well as three granddaughters and four steps-granddaughters.

He is well known as an esteemed forensic geologist, best-selling author, TV show host and television personality with an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. Additionally, he serves as ambassador for Smilodox athletic clothing company while sharing fitness-oriented posts via Instagram to his over 220,000 followers.

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