Daniela Disanto

Daniela Disanto Passed Away This Week

Daniela Disanto was found deceased this week at her Cleveland, Ohio residence. This sophomore at Miami University had an impactful impact on many lives: family, friends and campus alike were touched by her bright spirit and infectious joy; unfortunately no details are known regarding what caused her passing away at this time.

Early Life and Education

Daniela Disanto was a 19-year-old student from Cleveland, Ohio who attended Miami University as a freshman. Already she made an impressionful mark upon family, friends, and the campus community through her contagious smile and infectious laugh – brightening any room and making people around her feel good.

Her sudden passing has shocked and devastated those closest to her, prompting an online community-wide fascination over its cause of death.

No exact details have emerged regarding her death; however, it can be safely assumed that it occurred due to something unnatural. Investigation is currently ongoing while mourners of her passing mourn her demise and pray for peace for her soul as they honor and remember her legacy for years to come.

Professional Career

She had an infectious smile that could make anyone laugh, impacting her friends, classmates, and campus community with joy and happiness. Though only present during her sophomore year of high school, she left an indelible mark. Tragically, she died surrounded by family – the cause for which is unknown at this time – leaving those close to her devastated by her passing away. Please reach out to them to offer your condolences.

Daniela Disanto provides access to her contact info, organizational chart, active projects and more.

Personal Life

Daniela Disanto was an incredible girl who deeply cared about her family and friends, which is why her sudden demise was such a shock to all those closest to her. At 19 years old she was only just starting college.

Family and friends of Leigh Ann have been left reeling with shock by her sudden and shocking passing, struggling to bear this loss.

News of her disappearance sent shockwaves through Cleveland, Ohio. After she was reported missing by her family and authorities began their search efforts for her body under Hilliard Rd bridge in Rocky River. Although no comment has been released publicly by them regarding this tragic event, they have asked that donations be made in her memory to NAMI Greater Cleveland at 2012 W 25th St in Cleveland OH 44113 as soon as possible.

Net Worth

Daniela Disanto was 19 when she took her last breath, leaving behind family and friends heartbroken in Cleveland, Ohio where she attended an unspecified college. A happy girl who would have accomplished much more in life.

As her postmortem report has yet to come back, the cause of her death remains unidentified and police investigations continue on this matter.

Not only is she known for acting, she also excels at voice work. She made headlines as the voice behind Tucker in Nickelodeon series Do You Afraid of the Dark? and Carlos Ramon in The Magic School Bus; additionally she provided voice for Ray Blaine on BeyBlade and Blaine in Totally Spies as well. As of 2021 her net worth stands at approximately $500 thousand.

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