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Bijan Pakzad and Daniela Pakzad

Daniela Pakzad lives at 11132 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and is related to three individuals.

Bijan Pakzad was an Iranian designer of high-end menswear and fragrance. Born April 4, 1940 or 1944, he attended Institut Le Rosey for training before studying design in Switzerland and Italy.

Early Life and Education

Bijan Pakzad was born April 4, 1940 in Tehran to an industrialist father who sent him off to school in Switzerland and Italy to learn design.

Bijan began his career as a fashion designer before opening the House of Bijan boutique in Beverly Hills. Additionally, he designed jewelry and fragrances which made him an instant multimillionaire.

Although he is an accomplished business executive, Roxy Sowlaty remains his devotion. Recently he proposed at Paris’ Love Lock Bridge.

He currently resides at 11132 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90049 with two siblings named Daniela and Alexandra. Additionally, he graduated from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business.

Professional Career

Daniela worked alongside her father on many award-winning designs throughout his illustrious career, continuing his legacy and adding unmatched esthetics to the company with her vision, talent, and creative vigor.

Bijan Pakzad was born in Tehran and studied design in Switzerland and Italy before opening his first boutique on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles in 1973, providing men’s fashion, jewelry and fragrance under his brand’s tagline “By Appointment Only.”

His first marriage resulted in two daughters, Daniela and Alexandra. His second was with model/interior designer Tracy Hayakawa and they shared one son Nicolas; all four lived in Beverly Hills together with Nicolas attending Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business evening classes while working full-time at their luxury boutique during the day.

Achievement and Honors

Bijan has earned numerous honors during his career, such as winning the FiFi Award for Women’s Fragrance Packaging and Men’s Fragrance Star of the Year at Specialty/Department Stores. Furthermore, he is proud father to three children and grandfather to one: Daniela is Creative Director for House of Bijan; Nicolas is employed at House of Bijan; Anthony his grandson studies Business Administration at Boston University.

Personal Life

Bijan Pakzad was the go-to clothier of many of America’s richest men, designing $6,500 suits and $19,000 ostrich vests at his Palm Beach Club membership and owning 23 cars – one being his yellow Bugatti Veyron which became an instant Beverly Hills landmark.

His boutique on Rodeo Drive first opened for business with “By Appointment Only,” giving him unparalleled access to some of the wealthiest people worldwide and amassing more than 15,000 customers and $150 million in sales by mid-1980s.

He married twice and had one daughter from each marriage: Daniela was from his first union to Irish-Japanese model/interior designer Tracy Hayakawa while Alexandra and Nicolas came from his second. At age 71 when he died on April 16 from a stroke at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Net Worth

Bijan Pakzad was an icon in the fashion industry during the 1980s and 1990s due to his exclusive designs and high-end clientele. Celebrities, A-List actors, and even presidents would line up at his boutique.

He dressed a variety of celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Barack Obama – among them several heads of state whose suits he designed.

Real estate investments were key to his wealth. He owned multiple properties throughout Southern California, including a Beverly Hills mansion and Malibu beach house.

Pakzad was married and father of two children: Daniela and Nicolas. Sadly, he died from a stroke at 71 and was laid to rest at Holy Cross Cemetery in Los Angeles – leaving behind a widowed wife and children as his legacy.

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