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NCIS LA Tattoo Artist – Daniela Ruah

Daniela Ruah of NCIS: Los Angeles is well known for her honesty on social media; however, one thing must remain hidden: her tattoo. Here’s all you need to know about how she manages this cover-up: check the etymology of her name at BehindTheName as well as the Japanese Tattoo designs which translate both pronunciation and meaning of it into visual images.

Early Life and Education

Daniela has shared several behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram with her children, as well as honest statements regarding her NCIS: LA work. Daniela acknowledges having to adjust her illustrative style slightly in order to gain clients and establish credibility at her new studio.

She has not experienced discrimination due to her race or gender; however, she has heard derogatory remarks from other women at different conventions and tattoo studios. According to her opinion, an individual’s identity should not impede their efforts at work or hinder them from becoming successful.

Daniela prefers tattooing over canvas drawings because she feels it fills an emptiness in her life that paintings weren’t able to. Daniela hopes to continue working at Victor Tattoo until her visa runs out in May 2024.

Professional Career

Daniela is a tattoo artist at Victor Tattoo in Galway, Ireland and specializes in both traditional and fine line work. Her specialty lies with Celtic symbolism; however she also enjoys tattooing Irish designs like shamrocks.

Before she started tattooing, she was a body piercer. However, tattooing provided her with the emotional satisfaction she was missing in life – as opposed to canvas drawings, tattooing permanent images onto someone’s skin gave a greater sense of permanence than canvas sketches ever could.

Daniela is the feminine form of Daniel, with its origins traced back to the Bible. For more information about its meaning and pronunciation visit BehindTheName; you’ll also find many tattoo designs featuring both kanji and hiragana for this name on as well as its etymology in Jeffrey’s J/E Dictionary.

Achievement and Honors

Daniela Ruah is known for her candid social media posts, whether they feature photos from NCIS co-star Eric Christian Olsen (Marty Deeks) or hilarious sound bites from her children. One thing Daniela keeps secret on set is her tattoo.

BehindTheName provides an English to Japanese dictionary to check out the meaning of her name in Kanji and an Japanese Tattoo Design that displays both pronunciation and meaning in Kana. Jeffrey’s J/E Dictionary provides tattoo designs displaying both.

Personal Life

Daniela enjoys sharing creative product reviews, fashion trends and health advice with her Instagram followers. Her posts are always inspiring and captivating – helping Daniela build up a substantial following on the platform.

At age 21, she began tattooing as she liked the idea of permanently inking images onto people’s skin. It seemed safer than painting canvas canvases and allowed for more intricate drawings on skin.

As she perfected her skills, she worked as a receptionist at Juicebox, a smoothie and juice bar. At night, she tattooed at Victor Tattoo studio – which boasts an all-female staff of Chilean, Brazilian, Polish artists as well as a Mexican owner – hoping to gain enough credibility as an artist so that she may compete at tattoo conventions.

Net Worth

Daniela Ruah is a well-known social media influencer, Tiktok star, and Instagram model who rose to prominence by sharing bold lifestyle pictures and videos via her Instagram account.

She is well-known on Tiktok for sharing modeling and comedy videos with her followers, while YouTube allows her to showcase a wide selection of video blogs and challenges.

She is married and has two children named River and Sierra. She also sports a large tattoo of mountains with rivers on her back which was given in memory of them both. She’s an inspiring lady with strong physique and beautiful features who believes hard work leads to success.

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