Daniela Shorts

Daniela Shorts

Early Life and Education

Daniela (pronouns: she/her) has always loved animals and the outdoors, dreaming of becoming a veterinarian since she was young. Daniela was encouraged by her family to pursue her goals without being afraid to take risks; acting and dancing were also areas she explored by appearing in Portuguese telenovelas as stars.

At 15, she made the move from Brazil to Yemin Orde Youth Village and quickly found a welcoming community of Jewish teens; with mentors Shmil and Isabella Kaufman.

Birding was her hobby that introduced her to wildlife and nature, fuelling her passion. Now, she studies birds as part of a research team monitoring waterbirds in Havana; additionally she’s involved with Birds Caribbean as well as outreach projects dedicated to birding.

Professional Career

She is one of the co-creators of From Schtick to Script, an original sitcom writing program. Under its auspices have been the creation of over 50 original sitcom pilots. Additionally, her short mockumentary First Person Plural: Copy Cat debuted at Montreal World Film Festival before airing on CBC Newsworld and The Comedy Network.

She also works on wildlife research projects and has set up a bird banding station at the National Botanical Garden to track Havana birds year-round. She’s passionate about developing novel solutions to wildlife conservation while creating more space to work in wildlife science and conservation for everyone.

Art by Mnemonics was an award winning short film which marked her as an artist who works at the intersection of film and art.

Achievement and Honors

Daniela graduated from Yemin Orde with an ambitious 10-year master plan that she created during grade 10. Since then, she has achieved most of the goals that were set for herself by doing work as a journalist and documentary filmmaker.

She has taught at several universities and colleges, such as Iowa State University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her areas of expertise include engineering design, human-computer interaction, finite element analysis and biomechanics.

She has made contributions to several peer-reviewed research projects and is a member of both Society of Women Engineers and America Society of Engineering Education. Additionally, she serves on multiple academic and advisory committees; even volunteering as an assistant scuba instructor during her free time! Currently residing in Los Angeles she loves exploring local coffee shops while hosting guests from different nations.

Personal Life

Daniela lives in the Bay Area with her husband and daughter, regularly sharing photos from daily life and family outings via social media.

As an accomplished screenwriter for both film and television, she has written numerous screenplays that have won both awards and plaudits from audiences worldwide. These include her darkly comedic magic realism film Jiyan (based on filmmaker Mazdak Taebi’s story) and Nobody’s Daughters; additionally she founded From Schtick to Script original sitcom writing program which has shepherded over 50 pilots for sitcom series creations.

Daniela is also an accomplished athlete, taking pride in the lessons sports have taught her and embodying its values of responsibility and perseverance. She serves as an inspirational model to young athletes seeking success in any field they may choose.

Net Worth

As an accomplished fashion model, ballet dancer and actress she has earned herself a significant following. Her roles can be found in movies like An American in Paris: The Musical; Tiny Pretty Things and Cats among many others.

As Special Agent Kensi Blye in NCIS: Los Angeles, she has become internationally acclaimed. Additionally, she has appeared in other TV shows and short films; furthermore she recently took part in a dramatic play at Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles.

Daniela has amassed significant wealth through her acting career and its associated social media following, brand collaborations and advertisements as well as animal welfare organizations that she actively supports.

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