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A Look at Danielle Hanson

Family of UWI medical student Danielle Hanson who died in a car accident has pledged $300,000. This donation has been made possible through the Danielle Hanson Memorial Bursary.

The Hansons operate a small farm where they promote heritage breeds and employ permaculture techniques for agriculture. Mulberry trees provide shade as well as fruit for their livestock; Large Black Hogs and Dutch Belted cattle are raised here as well.

Early Life and Education

Danielle Hanson hails from Minnesota but relocated to Colorado after her undergraduate education, working with both Summit Daily News and Vail Daily newspapers as an editor and now leading Colorado Mountain News Media’s local digital strategy team, part of Swift Communications, to enhance client media planning efforts and enhance customer service.

Hanson graduated with distinction from Yale University where she studied under top theologians and scholars in trauma, feminist theology, reproduction and travel studies. Additionally she sang with the Yale Glee Club. Travel remains her passion.

Her poems have appeared in over fifty journals and anthologies, with books like Ambushing Water published by Brick Road Poetry Press in 2017. Additionally, manuscripts written by her have won the Marsh Hawk Poetry Prize, Robert Dana Award, Codhill Poetry Prize as finalists or semifinalist awards.

Professional Career

Hanson serves as an administrative officer with the Sacramento Police Department and oversees a team focused on building strong relationships between her department and its community. She regards her position as an honor and strives to foster accountability and trust through transparency.

She is the founder and co-director of Purpose Union, a communications consultancy that provides advice to organizations regarding their reputation and social purpose strategies.

She has published in over 90 journals and anthologies, such as Blackbird, Iodine, the Cortland Review, Rosebud Poetry West Branch Wordworks as well as being chosen as an AWP Best of the Net selection. Ambushing Water (Brick Road Poetry Press 2017) was shortlisted for three poetry prizes: 2015 Codhill Poetry Prize; 2016 Robert Dana Poetry Prize and 2014 Blue Lynx Poetry Prizes.

Achievement and Honors

Whitman-Hanson Regional High School honored 170 students during its second Panther Pride awards ceremony, including senior creative designer Jillian Turbessi ’14 of Hanson Dodge Creative who earned a gold award for United Adworkers poster campaign work; user experience designer Ryan Strzok ’13 and art director Kelsey Barnowsky ’11 each received silver awards.

Gianna Colombo embodies the kind of well-rounded and community-minded student the Kristen Hanson award seeks to recognize. A major in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology with a minor in Biomedical Research, Gianna studies hematopoietic stem cell development under Professor Hanna Mikkola’s supervision; plays the oboe in both UCLA Philharmonia and Wind Ensemble ensembles, volunteers to teach science, math, reading and music theory theory lessons to young children, plays an oboe in both ensembles; studies hematopoietic stem cell development while studying Professor Hanna Mikkola’s lab; plays the oboe for both ensembles as she studies in Professor Hanna Mikkola’s lab where she studies hematopoiesis; studies it all in Professor Hanna Mikkola’s lab; studies it all under Professor Hanna Mikkola’s lab studying it all along its journey of discovery all along its path; plays an oboe in UCLA Philharmonia Wind Ensemble as she volunteers as she does science lessons in Math, Reading and music theory classes to young children!

Kristen Hanson was an MCDB graduate and had recently passed away when her friends Courtney Cochran, Sarah Wagman Ellenbogen and Jennifer Cohen Bogan raised funds in her memory to dedicate a bench at UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden as a tribute. Additionally, they established a scholarship that will assist other women MCDB graduates.

Personal Life

Daniela Hanson is a writer and speaker who strives to reduce suffering in our contemporary culture. As founder of Yoga Farm Ithaca, she offers in-person and online courses designed to facilitate inner growth, transform lives and foster intimacy within one’s Spiritual life.

She has received several recognitions for her poetry, including being recognized as a finalist in both the 2012 Marsh Hawk Poetry Prize and 2015 Codhill Poetry Prize. Additionally, her works has been published in journals and anthologies including Cortland Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review and Blackbird.

Purpose Union, founded by her, specializes in helping organizations develop their reputation and sustainability strategies, with extensive experience advising clients across Europe, Latin America and Asia on building social purpose campaigns.

Net Worth

Hanson has long been an important political voice and writer. Her books cover modern and ancient politics as well as military history. Furthermore, she frequently gives commentary about contemporary politics for various media outlets.

She currently holds the office of senator, having done it for quite some time now. As someone who believes strongly in fighting for everyday Australians and is prepared to endure any resistance that arises.

Bart is an enthusiastic father and takes great pleasure in updating his followers with pictures of his baby boy. He is an outgoing person and enjoys spending his free time with his family and taking walks with their dog. Additionally, Bart has an affinity for dogs; taking his pet out for walks and playing with it are two activities he thoroughly enjoys doing.

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