Danil Teorrance

Who is Danil Teorrance?

Danny Torrance, age five years, possesses psychic powers known as the “shining”, which enable him to read people’s minds and connect telepathically with those also blessed with it.

Luis Sanchez filed a civil suit against Heather Chesnut and Daniel Torrence after they allegedly used fraudulent court proceedings to secure his arrest. Watch this video as evidence of corruption within our criminal justice system.

Early Life and Education

Dan Torrance is a key character in Stephen King’s multiverse, appearing in The Shining, Doctor Sleep and Castle Rock TV series. Born of Jack and Wendy Torrance with Abra Stone as her older half-sibling, Dan possesses what Dick Halloran refers to as “shining powers”, including reading minds telepathically as well as communicating telepathically with those who possess them.

At the University of Kansas, he specializes in intellectual property law, patent law, and innovation law – teaching courses on these subjects as well as conducting research that has appeared in scholarly journals such as Yale Journal of Law and Technology Review, Stanford Technology Law Review and Columbia Science and Technology Law Review.

He has been featured in media outlets like National Public Radio and Forbes, and delivered Google TechTalks about patent litigation. Additionally, he was honored as a Docking Faculty Scholar – an accolade bestowed upon exceptional KU Law faculty members.

Professional Career

Daniel Torrence is a Salt Lake Legal Defender Association trial attorney. Additionally, he holds both his Bachelor’s and Law degrees from UC Hastings.

Torrence has long been fascinated by the resilience and meaning-making ability of human spirits; finding meaning even during difficult moments of life has long been his focus. Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning has had a major influence on Torrence’s approach to positive psychology.

“Doctor Sleep” follows Dan as he finds his calling helping those nearing death transition smoothly and with comfort. By treating their transition as deeper sleep, he eases their pain and fear – King has created an unforgettable character who shows tremendous depth of emotion.

Achievement and Honors

He has given over 100 scholarly presentations at universities, research organizations and government agencies in seven countries – such as a Google TechTalk at its main campus in Mountain View, California (posted on YouTube as “The Patent Game: Experiments in the Cathedral of Law”), two talks for the Organization for Cooperation and Development in Paris France as well as keynote addresses at Genome Canada and BioBricks Foundation meetings and lectures at law schools worldwide.

Torrance has contributed his expertise and writings to several media outlets, including Forbes and Seattle Times. Georgia Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) recognized Torrance with the Roger P. Webb Awards Program award in 2023; this recognition honors faculty, students, and staff for their achievements and contributions to ECE.

Personal Life

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Torrence was affectionately known by family and friends as “Popcorn”. He leaves behind Carla Torrence; sons Michael and Matthew; daughters Makesha & Michelle; 13 grandchildren DaVonte, Rikki Romell Malik KaNaejah Tanaro as well as siblings.

30 years later, Danny (now going by Dan) lives in Frazier and works as an orderly at a hospice, using his ability to comfort dying patients as part of his job duties. Dan informs Abra Stone that she is actually Jack’s illegitimate daughter making him her half-brother. Together they lure Rose the Hat to follow them to Overlook before pushing her off the observation platform to her death.

Net Worth

Ghost Whisperer actor Robert Cargill reportedly has an estimated net worth of $4 Million, most of his earnings coming from acting and voice work. His credits include appearances in numerous popular movies and TV series such as Supernatural, Hello Ladies, Zootropolis, She’s Out of My League and many others.

Torrence has the size and strength to be an effective starting guard early in his NFL career. With good footwork that allows for varied downhill running plays, his heavy hands can jolt defenders off their rush jolt them as he disrupts their momentum.

He seamlessly transitioned from Sun Belt play to SEC competition without much difficulty, and should handle his new challenge in the NFL with ease. He has an ideal combination of size, strength, technique, and competitive toughness to thrive at a higher level of play.

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