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Danish Figurines From Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl and Dahl Jensen

Danish figurines crafted of ceramic, porcelain and stoneware will bring any home an authentic Danish charm. At 1stDibs, we carry Art Nouveau and Scandinavian Modern examples by Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl and Dahl Jensen to add style.

Early trade marks included three wavy lines; eventually this was replaced by the crown and painter’s number, making dating much simpler.

Early Life and Education

People associate Denmark with modern furniture, beer and pastries; however, few know that Denmark also produces one of the world’s most beloved toys – LEGOS!

Lauritz Jensen was born in Viborg, Denmark and went on to receive classical training at Copenhagen Academy of Fine Art; Rome; and Chicago Art Institute. On returning home he joined Bing & Grondahl factory.

His designs were featured at the Paris World Exposition 1925 and gained him great artistic and financial success along with international renown. He became well known for his underglaze figurines of animals and people as well as Seagull and Butterfly service sets that helped to establish the company’s reputation. Willumsen succeeded him as artistic leader between 1897-1900.

Professional Career

Danish figurines have quickly become an international favorite due to the many Danes who have relocated and brought Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl figurines with them when leaving Denmark or receiving them as gifts from Danish relatives abroad. Subsequently, Asia – specifically Japan – also discovered these exquisite figures.

No home in Denmark lacks at least one Bjorn Wiinblad figurine. He was an amazing artist with an exceptional style that captured people’s imagination while challenging conventional thinking of his day. His charismatic personality and generous spirit was also key to his success, leading him to become a household name across Europe and beyond. Furthermore, his figurine designs always stood out as original works that appealed to those with an adventurous streak.

Achievement and Honors

Hans Bolling created a variety of art pieces ranging from wooden figurines and furniture, to sculptures that inspired calm serenity in many homes. His artistic talents brought peace into many homes.

He created 47 figurines depicting Danish National Coastlines using an elaborate overglaze technique and is sought-after by collectors worldwide.

Royal Copenhagen has produced an array of figurines over time, and their best known series are Amager girls with their traditional outfits and zodiac sign blue motifs proving extremely popular with households across the world. Both Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl are now highly esteemed porcelain and ceramic companies which export products around the globe resulting in higher levels of quality and design in their figurine production.

Personal Life

Royal Copenhagen, Bing and Grondahl porcelain figurines depicting agriculture would make a perfect present for friends living the country life or small farms. Girls and boys featuring goats, sheep, pigs and cows will help evoke fond memories of caring for these animals every day.

Bjorn Wiinblad figurines make an eye-catching addition to any home decor, inspired by Danish traditions of clean lines and simple elegance. He is best known for depicting Denmark’s national coastlines through sculptures and figurines he produced using an expensive overglaze technique.

Net Worth

Danish figurines vary considerably in value depending on several factors, from aesthetic appeal to rarity and other collector’s factors. Many Danish pieces can be found both in museums and private collections alike.

Hummel enthusiasts tend to favor figures featuring floral themes. For instance, only 2,500 copies of the Picture Perfect figurine exist and it has sold for anywhere between $1,000-$2,000 at auctions.

Figurines made by Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl and other manufacturers are extremely sought-after at 1stDibs. Crafted from ceramic, porcelain and stoneware materials, these unique pieces add Scandinavian Modern or Art Nouveau style to any home decor.

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