Dateline The Phone Call

Dateline the Phone Call

NBC’s Dateline the Phone Call tells the story of the murder-suicide of a married couple in Kansas City, Kansas. A phone call from the home of Kathleen Schroll to police led to suspicions of murder-suicide, but the police were unable to prove it. Olin “Pete” Coones, the man interviewed by the Schrolls’ family, was convicted of the crime, but later exonerated of the crime. The Schroll family cannot forget the loss of their loved ones.

A woman named Kathleen Schroll made a phone call shortly before her death and this call led to the arrest of Olin “Pete” Coones. Coones was previously accused of killing Kathleen Schroll, and has been charged with her murder twice. This episode features Natalie Morales interviewing Kathleen Schroll’s daughter and Mark Dupree, Wyandotte County District Attorney. The show will also feature interviews with other family members, including the woman’s husband.

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