Dave Bartholet

Wildlife Artist – Dave Bartholet

Dave Bartholet, an artist based in Seaside, Oregon, creates realistic watercolor paintings of wildlife and pets. He attributes God for his natural artistic talent.

Bartholet is renowned for his free-spirited artistic style and has earned himself a place of honor within the Pacific Northwest art scene. He was recently featured in Wildlife Art magazine and asked to design a mural for the National Wildlife Refuge.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Dave Bartholet, a self-taught artist from Oregon, has achieved international success through his paintings of wildlife. His works have been showcased at galleries and sold through art shows around the globe.

He has achieved great success in computer science and networking, earning himself the title of Senior Member of IEEE. His research interests span from LTE, 5G, AI/ML, edge computing to the Internet of Things – with numerous papers published to prove it!

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Achievement and Honors

Dave Bartholet has earned a number of accolades throughout his life for his wildlife painting, including nearly 30 national awards and being featured artist in several magazines. A native of Oregon, he currently resides and works there.

David Bartholet has created an endowed athletic scholarship fund at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) that will provide financial aid to student-athletes studying any major. This endowment was created through a June gift to the UNO Foundation. Each year, this award will be given out to student-athletes who demonstrate need and/or outstanding academic achievement; it will be administered by the Omaha Sports Commission and renewed annually until graduation for each recipient.

Personal Life

Dave Bartholet was born in 1949 and spent his formative years growing up in Wyoming, where he developed an appreciation for wildlife from an early age. In 1971 he embarked on his professional career as a watercolor artist, selling originals through galleries and art shows throughout the West. A self-taught artist, his loose style of watercolors has become immensely popular with an estimated 100,000 households who collect his limited edition prints of over 400 original works.

Dave Bartholet and his wife Gina are a Nebraska couple with two children. They reside in Omaha and own and manage DiBar Enterprises, an Omaha real estate company that owns and manages property throughout the city. Furthermore, they recently established an endowed athletic scholarship for University of Nebraska-Omaha student-athletes as part of their endowment efforts.

Net Worth

Dave Bartholet is a watercolor artist based in Seaside, Oregon. He self-taught himself the craft and often states that he paints “not because he can, but because he must.” In his paintings, Bartholet often depicts wild themes from nature with realistic elements mixed with abstract styles. His paintings have captured the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts, with over 400 limited edition prints sold to date. Additionally, he works in “show business”, participating in juried art shows throughout Western states. He runs the Gilbert District Gallery, an artist co-op that sells handmade items such as watercolors, bronzes, limited edition prints and Native American jewelry. His net worth is estimated to be between $200-249K. As a passionate nature keeper, 10% of his profits are donated to local wildlife protection organizations.

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