Dave Collard

Dave Collard is the Founder of Dave’s Detailing

Dave Collard founded daves detailing, offering interior and exterior auto detail services. His specialty lies in paint correction, using multiple steps to eliminate scratches, swirl marks and fading. Additionally, he provides ceramic coatings, paint protection and digital fit WeatherRech floor liners. Get your free estimate now!

Early Life and Education

Early years in a child’s life are crucial for their social, emotional and cognitive development. This is when they begin to form friendships with others, build trust and develop moral compass.

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Achievements and Honors

Dave and Joye Griffin, owners of multiple Jiffy Lube locations, carwashes and a Mighty Auto Parts franchise, have created an inspiring business that is both family-owned and deeply committed to its community. Their story serves as proof that passion can lead to success and hard work pays off over time.

In addition to their various family businesses, the Daves Detailing also have a deep commitment to extracurricular involvement. They have served as Peer Tutor, Student Recruitment Ambassador, Open House Volunteer and Relay for Life Participant – all as an inspiring testament of their love of Nipissing University and its local community. This year they’re being recognized with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award.

Personal Life

Dave and Jenny Marrs, stars of HGTV, are a close-knit family that shares an immense love for each other and their community. Among Dave’s many accolades is being recognized as a local business leader in home improvement. While having such an impressive business is no small feat in today’s competitive environment, Dave also has skills as a skilled craftsman when it comes to building or repairing things. Despite all his responsibilities, Dave still finds time for friends and family – an example of true work-life balance! He even takes time out for fun nights out on the town with friends!

Net Worth

Dave is a British rapper and songwriter with an estimated net worth of $1.2 million. His lyricism, coupled with his inventive wordplay, have earned him widespread success.

He is a prominent member of the UK hip-hop scene and has collaborated with Canadian rapper Drake. Additionally, his music earned him a place on Billboard charts.

The rapper is best known for his hits “Thiago Silva” featuring AJ Tracey and “Wanna Know,” released in 2016. Additionally, Drake featured him on Drake’s track “Funky Friday” which made him internationally popular.

As a superstar, Dave has traveled the globe and performed at numerous concerts. His tours generate considerable income for him; other financial endeavors include car ownership and merchandise sales.

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