Dave Oswald

Dave Oswald – Chief People and Diversity Officer at MillerCoors

Dave Osswald is the Chief People and Diversity Officer at MillerCoors, having joined the company in 2006.

Osswald holds both a bachelor’s degree and a law degree, as well as being an accredited human resources professional.

Osswald is a soccer player who earned honorable mention on the NSCAA All-Great Lakes Region First Team and Big East Goalkeeper of the Year lists. He previously attended the University of South Florida and Xavier University.

Early Life and Education

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Dave Osswald’s life and education were heavily influenced by his family, friends and experiences. He worked hard and played hard, never gave up and always put his family first.

Professional Career

Dave Oswald is an accomplished Chartered Accountant and businessman with extensive global expertise. He has led fraud investigations against high-level C-Suite executives and provided expert testimony in federal court proceedings.

After the sale of his company, a former president and CEO was faced with finding a new career path. Fortunately, his values, principles, and commitment to excellence remained unshaken.

Oswald decided to pursue a real estate license at Coldwell Banker Burnet’s Burnsville/Lakeville office. His business acumen and drive for helping others reach their objectives propelled him forward; today he is an honoree of the President’s Club and ranks among the top 2 percent of real estate professionals in California.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Osswald, Chief People and Diversity Officer of MillerCoors, strives to ensure employees’ wellbeing. To do this, he promotes professional development opportunities and cultivates an environment in which employees enjoy coming to work each day.

Osswald also oversees the company’s human resources team, making sure employees receive excellent support and have a low burn out rate. This allows them to be successful in their jobs while growing the business even further.

Osswald earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and went on to obtain his Law Degree from the University of Virginia School of Law. Prior to joining MillerCoors, he served as in-house counsel at Marcus Corporation.

Personal Life

Dave Osswald has an extensive career in law and human resources. Currently, he serves as Chief People & Diversity Officer for MillerCoors, where his responsibilities include cultivating company culture and creating a work environment where employees enjoy coming to work each day.

He holds degrees in Applied Social Psychology and Juris Doctor. Additionally, he is an accomplished entrepreneur having co-founded BizStarts, a business accelerator based in Milwaukee. Recently, this organization inducted him into their Hall of Fame for his entrepreneurial achievements (BizStarts 2018).

Net Worth

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Osswald is the cofounder of Fontanel Hotel & Amphitheater in Nashville, which he transformed from an abandoned estate. Additionally, he opened a hotel and amphitheater in Deadwood, South Dakota.

In addition to his work in entertainment, Osswald is an accomplished television and film producer who has collaborated with artists ranging from Alanis Morissette to Jewel. He’s also created several live event series such as Rockfest at Texas Motor Speedway, Dale Earnhardt Tribute Concert, and Opening Ceremonies for Goodwill Games.

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