Dave Query

Dave Query, Founder of Big Red F Restaurant Group, Passes Away

Dave Query, founder of Big Red F Restaurant Group, has earned himself an enviable reputation for his restaurant concepts. From Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar to The West End Tavern and Centro Mexican Kitchen, his list of eateries continues to grow.

However, managing customer expectations and perceived value while staying true to yourself can be a challenge. We spoke with Query to gain more insight into his approach to hospitality and business.

Early Life and Education

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Query is the owner of 13 restaurants under his Big Red F brand, including Zolo Grill, Lola Coastal Mexican Kitchen and Jax Fish House (Boulder, Denver and Kansas City locations). Recently he opened The Post Brewing Company in downtown Boulder that serves chicken fried ribs with beer as well as having an indoor music room.

Professional Career

As CEO of Big Red F Restaurant Group, Dave Query is responsible for ensuring his ten restaurants are ready for an easy transition into the next generation of managers. This task is no easy feat considering he oversees a staff of nearly one thousand and an annual budget in the tens of millions. Despite these difficulties, Query has made a name for himself as an inspiring executive who willingly shares knowledge and resources in pursuit of new beginnings. A native Denverite, he and his wife Kathleen are raising their young son Rocco in Denver.

Achievements and Honors

Dave query was an acclaimed individual who achieved great success in a range of fields. A graduate of Marietta College and Columbia University, he earned three degrees in physics and engineering. He worked as a rocket scientist for Boeing for 14 years and served as NASA safety engineer. He held 4 patents and was an active member of Columbia University’s academic honor society, serving on various boards and committees while being part of Rotary Club activities and other charitable organizations. He was immensely proud of his Canadian heritage and had a fierce sense of patriotism. A gentle soul, David (Heather) in Osoyoos and Doug in Vancouver were his two sons; Sylvie his daughter-in-law also survives him in Vancouver.

Personal Life

Dave Query, owner of four restaurants (Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar, West End Tavern, Centro Mexican Kitchen and The Post Chicken and Beer), as well as founder of his Big Red F restaurant group, knows a thing or two about cooking. He was raised in Boulder but attended the Culinary Institute of America before traveling the country before returning home to launch his own business ventures. With an infectious personality and expertise in marketing strategies, Query also shares some memorable culinary experiences on this episode of The Best in Colorado with guests discussing these accomplishments alongside insights into what drives him as an expert chef.

Net Worth

Dave Query is a successful businessman who has built an empire consisting of 13 restaurants across Colorado, five located in Boulder. Additionally, his holdings include several other companies such as a beer brewery and energy provider.

He has a net worth of at least $14 million, which is the result of his earnings and stock investments.

Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, has amassed a substantial net worth through his company and blogging activities. He resides in an ocean-front mansion in Miami.

Query has been an avid football fan and longtime supporter of the Indianapolis Colts. For over three decades, he has worked as a sportscaster, calling 220 races and 15 Indy 500s.

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