Dave Race

Dave Race

Dave Race was an accomplished race car driver with numerous victories to his credit. His fans remain loyal and his fellow drivers always respect his fair racing style.

His character is equally impressive. He exudes friendliness and an intimate knowledge of the racing world! Additionally, he has dedicated a great deal of time and energy into charity work.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Dave was a boy who enjoyed racing motocross and ice bikes on frozen lakes with his cousin. Growing up in Hamilton, New York with two fathers and an uncle involved in the family business, Dave developed an affinity for motorcycles.

David race has had an illustrious career in racing, working as a commentator for CBS, ESPN and Speed Channel for over four decades – including 17 consecutive Daytona 500 broadcasts.

He is currently a co-host on Siruis Radio, providing daily racing updates. Additionally, he plans to open an independent business selling mountain biking sunglasses and clothing. In the future, he hopes to expand into golf as well. His experience in motorsports has equipped him with valuable skillsets for success in this endeavor.

Achievement and Honors

Dave Race has achieved success as both a comedian and rock radio DJ, appearing on K-Rock, WBAB, WMMR, among other stations.

He has extensive experience as a Mathematics educator, having served as senior lecturer and professor at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. Additionally, he is a member of both the London Mathematics Society and South African Mathematics Society.

Dave McGillivray is a dedicated husband, father and longtime member of the Leander Club. He serves as Director for the Dave McGillivray Finish Strong Foundation, which seeks to motivate youth across New England through physical activity, reading material and performing acts of kindness. Furthermore, Dave is an in-demand motivational speaker having given more than 1,400 presentations both domestically and abroad.

Personal Life

Dave is an adrenaline-fuelled adventurer who has achieved fame after appearing on the hit television show Street Outlaws. By participating in this risky sport, he puts his life at risk and has become a renowned figure within its community.

He is also a race director and philanthropist, having been involved with many prestigious sports events such as the Boston Marathon.

He has been an athlete since childhood and is driven by a sense of challenge. To this end, he has traveled the globe, competing in mountain biking meccas from California to Europe.

Net Worth

Dave Race is a world-renowned street racing star who achieved global recognition through his TV show Street Outlaws. As one of America’s most renowned adventurers, his professional car racing career has yielded him an impressive net worth.

He owns Comstock Auto Service, a vehicle repair business that provides him with regular income. His expertise as an auto mechanic is well-known and it shows in the success of his business venture.

He earns between $20,000 and $30 thousand dollars annually from Discovery Channel for his role on Street Outlaws, making him one of the few cast members to remain since its debut in 2013.

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