Dave Rothenberg

Shanay Dave Rothenberg

Early Life and Education

According to UNESCO, the first eight years are of paramount importance in terms of child development. This period marks substantial brain growth and maturation.

Children at this stage develop the foundations of social skills, self-esteem, perceptions of the world and moral perspectives. Furthermore, they begin acquiring cognitive abilities such as numeracy, literacy and critical thinking skills.

UNESCO has long advocated that providing children with quality early childhood education and care is one of the best investments a nation can make, as it promotes holistic development, gender equality, and social cohesion. In accordance with this view, the UN has set out Sustainable Development Goals which include making sure all girls and boys can gain access to quality early childhood care and education services.

Achievement and Honors

Shanay Dave is an honors graduate from Fairleigh Dickinson University (NCAA DI). As a COSIDA Academic All American and Northeast Conference SAAC representative for NCAA’s Student Achievement and Achievement Centers Associations of Coaches Advisory Committee, she earned a bachelor of Family and Consumer Sciences. Since 2013 she has held the position of Director for TRiO/Student Success Center at DACC.

Shanay was born with an inquisitive nature and her passion is telling stories that matter and elevating underrepresented narratives. She started out her career at a local news station as a digital producer highlighting important topics affecting her community and making sure all voices could be heard. Living out her truths while inspiring others to pursue their own, Shanay hopes Damn Write Originals becomes the destination for authentic storytelling that upholds women and people of color.

Net Worth

Dave Rothenberg is a highly successful rapper who has amassed an enormous fortune through his musical career. He released two acclaimed albums that sold many copies and generated significant streams.

His net worth is estimated to be an estimated $3.3 Million.

He lives a luxurious lifestyle and travels extensively, often performing on international tours to spend his money exploring new locations. In addition, he owns several expensive cars such as an Audi R8 and Mercedes AMG G63.

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