Dave Sadowski

Dave Sadowski Passes Away

David Sadowski was a renowned motorcycle racer and TV race commentator who tragically passed away on January 12th, 2019. According to reports, it appears that he suffered an apparent heart attack.

David began his racing career as a skater, then transitioned into motorcycles during the 1980s. He quickly achieved success as both an AMA 600 Supersport racer and club skater.

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Professional Career

David “Ski” Sadowski is a former hockey player who transitioned into motorcycle racing. After having an extensive and successful run on both 250s and 600s, he took a well-earned break from racing to become an excellent TV commentator for AMA events.

His contributions to the AMA and his legendary reputation as a racer are immeasurable. His depth of experience in both racing and televised racing makes him an invaluable asset to any team or individual, while his many friends and colleagues will miss him dearly. Without David Sadowski, our motorcycling community would be much smaller without him; let’s keep his memory alive in our hearts and minds forevermore.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Sadowski was a former motorcycle racing television commentator and won the iconic 1990 Daytona 200. Additionally, he boasted eight AMA road race wins and two Formula USA National titles to his credit.

He was the author of Chicago Trolleys and Building Chicago’s Subways, as well as founding the Trolley Dodger blog. Among his favorite activities were riding the L all over Chicago and fixing bikes.

He was also a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, an alumni chapter of Douglass College. For his academic achievements in mathematics, he received several awards throughout his career; during senior year, he completed a thesis in political science and received an undergraduate scholarship for outstanding contributions to the University. Throughout this journey, he provided assistance and inspiration to many other students as needed.

Personal Life

Sadowski was renowned for his passion for motorcycling. He raced motorcycles and provided commentary during AMA road races.

He was raised in Chicago, riding the L all over town. Additionally, he’s written several books and runs an online blog called Trolley Dodger.

He married Marya Bordt, who immigrated from the Netherlands. At 15 years old, she tied the knot with Anthony Sadowski – twice her age!

Net Worth

Dave Sadowski, an American actor with a net worth of $4 million, derives most of his income from his acting career and other business endeavors.

He owns 203,875 shares of Fidelity National Financial Inc (FNF) worth $7 Million as detailed in the Latest Holdings Summary table below.

Sadowski is engaged to Melissa Lynn, a fashion stylist. They got engaged in June 2015 and are currently planning their wedding. The couple appears to be enjoying each other’s company and have an enchanting relationship.

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