Dave Tilley

Dave Tilley

Dave Tilley is a Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach with extensive experience working with regional, national, and elite level athletes in gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting.

Dave is the CEO/Founder of “SHIFT Movement Science and Gymnastics Education”. With his unique perspective as both an athlete and current coach, Dave has developed an innovative rehabilitation approach.

Early Life and Education

Tilley was born into a low-church Anglican family in Gagetown, New Brunswick and received his early education at a private school before attending the local grammar school.

He then apprenticed to a druggist in Saint John and opened an impressive store. His faith played an integral role in everything that he did throughout life.

His involvement with the temperance movement was an integral part of his life. As a member of Portland Total Abstinence Society, he was an influential force in the fight against drunkenness.

He was an influential leader in promoting denominational schools throughout New Brunswick, though his political career seemed to take a turn when he resigned from the New Brunswick Common Schools Committee in 1871.

Professional Career

Dave is an experienced professional with a deep-rooted expertise in gymnastics. This has given him unique insights into performance enhancement and injury prevention, having treated some of America’s top high school, collegiate, and junior elite gymnasts.

His most recent professional role is that of founder and CEO for SHIFT Movement Science. This organization combines various educational and research initiatives to improve the health and performance of athletes of all ages and abilities. Some popular products/services include a highly specialized sports physical therapy program, state-of-the-art sports medicine lab, large volume strength and conditioning laboratory, as well as numerous educational resources.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Tilley was an esteemed cabinet administrator at Lee University, spending most of his career as the vice president for student life. Additionally, he served as headmaster of Mount Paran Christian School in Marietta for many years.

He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach as well as a Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist, treating patients at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance. With his extensive background in gymnastics – both as an athlete and optional level coach – he brings an interdisciplinary perspective to treatment.

He is a first-time candidate for village president of Spring Bay, Illinois – known as “Politico’s Paradise.” He defeated out longtime mayor and president John McCarty who had served four decades in that office.

Personal Life

Dave Tilley is a physical therapist who graduated from Springfield College in 2013. With an extensive gymnastics background as both an athlete and now coach, his expertise is invaluable to this program.

His unique background as both an athlete and current coach gives him a unique perspective on gymnast performance and rehabilitation. He has had great success treating some of America’s top high school, collegiate, and junior elite level gymnasts.

He also owns SHIFT Movement Science, an educational company that helps coaches, athletes and healthcare providers learn about optimal performance and injury reduction techniques. His innovative ideas have been recognized by USA Gymnastics members and are being implemented into JO, Collegiate, and Elite level programs across the country.

Net Worth

Dave Tilley is a physical therapist and the author of Shift Movement Science, as well as an accomplished gymnastics coach. He resides in Boston, MA and practices at Champion PT & Performance.

He is the co-founder of Hybrid Perspective, an online blog and business dedicated to physical therapy. Additionally, he has penned over 40 poems which have been published in multiple literary journals.

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