Dave Toon

Dave Toon – A Lifelong Lover of Family and Friends

Dave Toon was a beloved father, husband and grandfather who touched many lives with his loyalty and sense of humor. We will fondly remember his loving spirit and great sense of humor.

He was an enthusiastic angler who loved going on family adventures and spending time with his beloved wife Lory. They had a special bond with their daughters Jennifer and Dene’.

Early Life and Education

David Moody Toon was born on May 7, 1990 in Kenosha, Wisconsin as the second of three children.

He had an intense sense of loyalty and cared deeply about his friends. He was always there when they needed him most.

Dave was immensely proud of his family, especially his two daughters Jennifer and Dene’. Additionally, he loved spending time with his grandchildren Olivia and Sophia.

Fishing was one of Dave’s favorite activities, and he would take his boat out every week. Together with his buddies, they’d drop crab pots and catch salmon while admiring stunning views of the ocean.

Professional Career

David Toon has been actively engaged in numerous endeavors throughout his professional career. One of the most noteworthy was founding of Woodbury University’s Design Foundation program, which introduced students to basic principles of art and design.

Another major project was a video game inspired by Shane Plante’s movie The Gate, featuring the classic concept of a lone conjurer who can control the spirits of the dead. David enlisted Jordan Voth to design the protagonist’s appearance; other sources such as Faust and Mickey Mouse also inspired him. Fortunately for all involved, this venture proved hugely successful and received critical acclaim.

Achievements and Honors

David Toon has achieved a great deal in his life. He is an acclaimed actor who has earned several accolades and honors for his acting career, while also making substantial money from it.

David has achieved success in his life through hard work. He began as a carpenter on construction sites and has worked his way up through the ranks to achieve these milestones.

He eventually discovered his true calling and began making money as an actor. Today he is a product endorser for several companies.

He had a special bond with his family, enjoying spending time with them. Always positive, he served as an inspiring role model for his kids by inspiring them to reach for their goals and helping them with school work.

Personal Life

David toon always believed in family. He was immensely proud of his daughters and enjoyed spending time with them. Additionally, David had a deep-seated passion for fishing which he would indulge in by taking his pup on weekly adventures.

David was an inspiring advocate for those suffering from mental illness, serving as a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. He had an infectious laugh and an insightful mind – making him an enlightening presence in any room.

He will be deeply missed by his beloved wife, Lala. Survived by sons Darold Toon and Melinda (Toon) Powell; daughter Jessica Frakes; sister Nancy Johnson; brother Don Toon; grandchildren Olivia Moe and Sophia Moe; aunt Judy Toon; uncle Gordon Toon; cousins Billie Joe Swift and Gerldean Bessy Swift; as well as many other family members and friends, he leaves a legacy that will last for evermore.

Net Worth

David Toon is an American YouTuber and social media personality whose channel debuted in 2014. Unfortunately, the exact amount of his earnings remains uncertain; Net Worth Spot estimates his net worth to be $4.11 million; however, it’s possible that it is higher.

He is a former NFL player who has been dating Jacqueline Tortorice since 2007. As parents to three children, they live on Broadway Street in San Francisco where their house dates back several years. Additionally, he founded Craft Ventures and co-hosts the All-in podcast with Jason Calacanis, David Friedberg, and Chamath Palihapitiya which boasts over 308,000 subscribers. Additionally, he’s an active crypto investor having bought and sold bitcoin multiple times.

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