Dave Workman

Dave Workman – More Than Just a Vineyard Pastor

Dave Workman is best known to many as a Vineyard Cincinnati pastor, but this man is much more than that. He’s also an acclaimed recording artist, library worker, worship leader and more – all under one roof!

He’s also president of Partnership Advisors, a consulting consortium comprised of leaders dedicated to aiding churches and nonprofits in becoming healthier and more efficient.

Early Life and Education

David Workman was raised in Los Angeles, California where his family had deep roots in local history and politics. His great-uncle Elijah Workman served on the Common Council from 1860-1970; uncle Boyle Workman served as president of the City Council from 1920-23; and aunt Mary Julia founded Brownson Settlement House during this same era to provide assistance for growing numbers of needy families within the growing city.

Dave was a science teacher at IMSA for over two decades, serving as one of its original faculty members when the school opened in 1986. Additionally, he taught at George Williams College in Downers Grove.

Professional Career

Dave Workman has had a renowned career in the business world. He specializes in retirement planning and is a Certified Investment Fiduciary.

His expertise has been sought out by a multitude of companies. He has assisted them in implementing employee education programs, ultimately increasing employee morale and increasing profitability.

He also provides direction and coordination of his clients’ compliance efforts to reduce costs and boost their chances of success in enforcement proceedings. With more than 12 years of expertise in intellectual property matters such as design patents and trademarks, he is uniquely qualified to assist his clients.

In addition to his legal practice, he enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends at his vacation home in Lewes, Delaware. Furthermore, he gets involved with many local activities as well as community service projects.

Achievements and Honors

David Workman has accomplished many remarkable things and been honored with numerous honors. As an expert on petroleum engineering, he has served as a consultant to several oil companies. Furthermore, David serves as senior pastor of The Dave Workman Vineyard in Cincinnati as part of his ministry duties.

He has been a guest speaker at multiple AACR conferences and received the Raffaele Tecce Memorial Lecture Award, Woodward Visiting Professorship, and David Workman Memorial Award. Additionally, he is an honorary fellow of both the European Society of Medical Oncology and Academy of Medicine in England.

He is a graduate of the University of London and has worked for several oil companies, such as BP and Hamilton Brothers Oil and Gas. Additionally, his experience includes floating production systems. Currently, he heads STS, an organization responsible for managing Gryphon FPSO operations.

Personal Life

Dave Workman was a loving husband, father and grandfather. A retired police officer from Windsor Police Department on September 30th 1993 as a Homicide Detective, Dave also worked as Communications Director for Citizens Committee for Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

He was a writer, senior editor of Gun Week, and former member of the NRA Board of Directors. Additionally, he is an author and church leader.

David Workman was born in Temple Sowerby, Westmorland to Thomas Workman (1763-1843) and Lucy Cook (1771-1830). In 1817 he emigrated to America where he opened a saddlery and persuaded his younger brother William to join him.

Net Worth

Dave Workman is an American investment professional based in Logansport, Indiana. With 28 years of experience under his belt, he offers personalized portfolio recommendations to clients based on their income flow, cash analysis, debt load, long-term investments, insurance policies and retirement accounts.

David boasts a formidable network of relationships with some of the world’s top money managers and is recognized as one of LPL Financial’s top producers (Chairman’s Council, 2020). His Logansport office specializes in handling retirement accounts such as IRAs, 401(k) plans and other qualified plan assets for his clients.

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