David Andrascik

Who is David Andrascik?

David Andrascik is a tax preparer at H&R Block in North Versailles PA and an IRS registered tax preparer. With years of experience under his belt, David can assist you with all your tax needs.

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Early Life and Education

David Andrascik was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Dauphin. After attending Pennsylvania State College for his bachelor’s degree in biology, he pursued a doctoral degree at Columbia University. He has published numerous scientific papers and is an active member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; additionally, he advocates for environmental protection by sitting on the board directors of United States Forest Service. Currently living between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, at 73 years old, David can be reached via CocoFinder via current and past contact info like phone number, address email etc.

Professional Career

David Andrascik has been in the business world since he was a teenager. His professional experiences range from working as an attorney to banking industry work. As an accomplished lawyer, he has handled several high-profile cases throughout his career. Furthermore, David holds a strong reputation in finance – so much so that he was even awarded with the title of “financial expert”. With such an impressive track record and impressive successes under his belt, Andrascik serves as proof that even longtime professionals can still achieve success in their industry.

Personal Life

David Andrascik enjoyed spending time with family and friends. His passion for woodworking made him a proud and accomplished carpenter who could build anything he desired. Additionally, he collected antique cars, trucks and motorcycles.

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