David Ansberry

David Ansberry

David Michael Ansberry was a member of a 1970s-era hippie collective from California. He is suspected of trying to detonate a bomb outside Nederland police station in 2016.

Jessie Howard (aka Midget Jessie) attempted 11 times to detonate the bomb with a cell phone. However, the device he left outside the police station contained the volatile chemical HMDT, which is used by al Qaida terrorists for making explosives.

Early Life and Education

On August 11, 1925 in Nederland, Colorado, William G Ansberry and Thelma I Ansberry born him.

He attended high school in the town and later graduated from the University of Michigan. Subsequently, he worked in public relations.

Following a brief stay in Washington, D.C., he relocated to Bethesda, Maryland where he was diagnosed with diabetes and spinal cord injury but managed to keep his job and maintain an impressive career progress.

He was sentenced to 27 years in prison for planting the bomb outside Nederland police station in 2016. Prosecutors claimed Ansberry’s actions qualified for a terrorism sentencing enhancement.

Professional Career

Ansberry served as a professor at Southeast Missouri State University for more than two decades, teaching a wide range of courses with his specialty being Constitutional Law.

Ansberry made a point to inform his students with recent Court opinions during that course, and many of them went on to pursue law school after hearing him speak.

Ansberry is accused of planting a bomb outside the Nederland police station in October 2016. Although the device did not detonate, it sparked an investigation.

Achievement and Honors

David Ansberry had a busy life as a federal employee, yet still found time for some fun and games. This included taking a vacation to Florida where he took a break from the bookies to hit some golf shots in style. Additionally, he managed to impress some lucky ladies over dinner and beers; plus he scored himself the biggest cheeseburger of his career! His efforts were rewarded with an award from his wife: a shiny gold bar as an honorific that will forever adorn their home.

Personal Life

Ansberry was a member of the 1970s hippie commune Serenity, Tranquility and Peace Family in Nederland. He befriended 19-year-old Guy “Deputy Dawg” Gaughnor, who mysteriously vanished in 1971.

Later, Ansberry sought to revenge Gaughnor’s murder. Prosecutors contend that Ansberry acted out of a desire for retribution against Renner Forbes, the town marshal who pulled Gaughnor from a bar in 1971.

In 2016, Ansberry pled guilty to attempting to detonate a bomb outside the police station and was sentenced to 27 years in prison. But on appeal, the federal appeals court sent the case back for resentencing, asking Judge Christine Arguello whether Ansberry’s actions qualified as terrorist activities.

Net Worth

David Ansberry’s net worth is believed to be at least $6 Million dollars. As Senior VP and President, LE Int’l of Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc (LECO), he owns around 38,240 shares worth over $6 Million in this company.

Ansberry admitted in 2016 to planting a bomb in Nederland to seek revenge for the murder of then-Nederland Marshal Renner Forbes, who killed Guy Goughnor aka “Deputy Dawg,” in 1971. He was sentenced to 27 years prison but after prosecutors argued his actions qualified for a terrorism sentence enhancement, Judge Christine Arguello reduced the penalty to time served – allowing Ansberry to return home and face trial on charges of attempted destruction of property through fire or explosive.

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