David Aposhian

David Aposhian

David Aposhian is a real estate developer based in Boston who has built and sold numerous homes. Born and raised here, David’s homes stand out with their dark green trim and red cedar shingles.

He has been building in this neighborhood for over 25 years and recently finished renovating a four-unit rental building.

Early Life and Education

David Aaposhian is an entrepreneur who has achieved great success with MasterClass, an online learning platform. Since 2012, he founded the business and has seen it blossom to a revenue of more than $1 billion.

The company’s flagship product, the SmartBoard, is an impressive learning tool that integrates video, audio and text for students. It has a user-friendly interface and responsive design so it looks just as great on computer screens as on iPads.

The SmartBoard’s primary feature is its capacity for learning and remembering information quickly and efficiently, making it ideal for a variety of uses. This includes helping students achieve their best academic and work performance, as well as keeping teachers abreast of contemporary educational trends.

Professional Career

David had a distinguished professional career in medical genetics and was renowned for his groundbreaking work on inherited skeletal dysplasias. Additionally, he founded the International Skeletal Dysplasia Registry (ISDR), which remains one of the premier centers for this field and has helped define clinical, genetic, and radiological characteristics associated with these disorders.

He was an early proponent of medical genetics becoming its own discipline, serving both healthcare professionals and patients by bringing the benefits of human genetic research to light, as well as offering a platform for professional advancement for those practicing this specialty.

David was passionate about his academic pursuits, yet he also enjoyed traveling the world to attend conferences and visit with friends and colleagues. Most of all, David treasured spending time with his children Annie, Michael, and Lauren.

Achievement and Honors

David Aposhian was a highly acclaimed designer and developer who had been building in Cambridge for over 25 years. His signature style of dark green trim and red cedar shingles gave his buildings an iconic look. Furthermore, David had been an integral member of his community as well as a beloved father and grandfather.

On Wednesday, July 15th in downtown Grand Forks a vigil was held to remember Aposhian. A large number of people attended, including Nyamal Dei from Fargo who spoke at the event. She shared that many in her family served in the military and she was well aware of retaliation against women who speak out.

Personal Life

David Ophian, an accomplished architect, specializes in designing homes that effortlessly combine urban living with natural elements. His latest endeavor is a tranquil condominium located in Cambridge, Massachusetts which perfectly balances city-center living with the charm of a rustic mountain cabin. The residence features dark green trim, red cedar shingles and lush landscaping for an effortlessly stylish aesthetic.

David Aposhian is renowned for his stunning design talents, but he’s even better known for his advocacy of gun rights. After the tragic mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, Aposhian became an outspoken supporter of gun ownership and campaigned against attempts to ban guns in California. Furthermore, he completed a course on peace officer standards and training.

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