David Arcand

David Arcand and Nathaniel Arcand

David Arcand is an American author of both fiction and non-fiction. His works include four novels as well as two collections of poetry.

He is a sought-after keynote speaker at events. In addition, he has written articles on social issues and money management. At present, he works as an assistant professor at Southeastern Louisiana University.

Early Life and Education

David Arcand was raised in a strict Catholic family of Deschambault, Quebec. He attended an esteemed Jesuit college and earned his Masters degree in history there as well.

After graduating, he moved to Montreal and began making short films at the National Film Board (NFB). Here he met Michel Brault and Claude Jutra.

In 1969, he returned to the NFB to make On est au coton, a film about the struggles of textile workers in Quebec. It became an instant hit and received nominations for an Oscar.

The following year, Arcand released Love & Human Remains, an English-language film dealing with urban anxiety and identity crises. While it was moderately successful, PQ followers saw it as a betrayal of their movement.

Professional Career

David Arcand’s life-altering relocation to a small town caused him to reevaluate his career choices. Though he hadn’t planned on becoming an entrepreneur, he learned valuable lessons along the way and eventually became one of Schittt’s Creek’s most successful business owners.

His business plan called for some creative thinking, and he was able to successfully implement his ideas and turn a small town into an impressive enterprise. Additionally, he sharpened up on his customer service abilities and even negotiated a deal that brought in substantial cash for both himself and the store.

Achievement and Honors

David Arcand has earned an impressive list of accomplishments throughout his illustrious career as a pioneer of Canadian cinema. His Oscar-winning The Decline of the American Empire set a benchmark in Canadian film, while its sequel The Barbarian Invasions won top prizes at Cannes Film Festival, French Cesars and Quebec Jutra awards.

Arcand’s most remarkable accomplishment was his promotion of editing to audiences around Canada and beyond. For nearly four decades, he has been a driving force in elevating picture editors’ status within Hollywood, advocating for more equitable working conditions within the industry and championing collective values. It’s no wonder he has amassed such an impressive list of friends and admirers within moviemaking circles.

Personal Life

Over three decades, Montreal-based director denys arcand has gained an international following for his intensely personal, challenging and intellectual films. His works examine how Quebec cinema and culture have been affected by various social and economic changes.

He began his filmmaking career with Une Maudite Galette, an intimate story about a Quebecois woman who finds herself captured by a movie crew for a documentary on the textile industry. This film proved popular at the time and earned Arcand a foreign language Oscar nomination.

He followed that with Gina, a story of a stripper sent to work as a dancer for gangland bosses. It was both critically and commercially successful, earning Arcand another foreign language Oscar nomination. After that he turned his focus towards an English-language project with Love and Human Remains; an intricate tale about urban anxiety and identity crises.

Net Worth

Nathaniel Arcand is a Canadian film and TV actor who has earned millions of dollars through his acting career. His credits include FBI: Most Wanted, Speaking of Sex, Ginger Snaps Back, Cold Pursuit, among many others.

As of 2022, his estimated net worth is $3 million. His primary sources of income come from his movie and TV work.

He is a well-known radio host and journalist in France, having hosted for many years on CJMS and Radiomutuel. Additionally, he served as news director at both stations from 1985 until 1998.

He is happily married and currently resides with his wife Jolene. They were wed on December 5, 2016, and are enjoying a happy and contented life as husband and wife.

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