David Badgwell

David Badgwell – A Beloved Husband and Father

David Badgwell was a beloved husband and father who gave up his life for his family on October 23, 2022. On that fateful night, he miraculously saved his wife and children from a fire by leaping from an upper floor window.

Now Mattie and their two autistic teenagers need your assistance in rebuilding from the ashes of their home in Cleveland, Oklahoma.

Early Life and Education

David Badgwell was an exemplary citizen who served his community to the best of his ability. A high school graduate, he worked as a machine operator in the machining industry and enjoyed great popularity among family and friends alike. Furthermore, he was proud to be a United States Army veteran. Tragically, on October 23, 2022 his life was cut short in a house fire – may Mattie and their two children find comfort and strength during this difficult time.

Professional Career

David Badgwell was a high school alum and had an impressive career as a machine operator and assembly worker. He served two tours in Iraq as well, and his quick witted nature earned him many admirers. In his free moments he enjoyed golfing and being outdoors; moreover he dedicated himself to family duties with patience for children on the autism spectrum that Mattie and Brad Badgwell describe as an outstanding family man who always put others before himself. David Badgwell will be missed by many; his death will be felt by many in his wake.

Achievements and Honors

David Badgwell was recognized for his accomplishments with a variety of awards and honors, the most prestigious being the SPE Legion of Honor – awarded to him after 50 years of continuous membership in SPE.

He was also honored with the title of SPE Fellow, an elite group limited to less than 1% of SPE membership.

David was an exceptional scientist with a knack for computers and electronics. He dedicated much of his time to research and development projects, helping create groundbreaking technology and products. Away from work, David enjoyed playing golf, enjoying nature, and having fun. Above all else, David had an infectious sense of humor which everyone could appreciate. Additionally, as a loving father to two autistic children, David truly was an inspiration to many – an extraordinary individual!

Personal Life

David Badgwell was a man who deeply loved his family. He had a wife and two children, as well as being an honorable United States Army veteran who served his country with distinction.

On October 23, he made the ultimate sacrifice by saving his family from a house fire. He will always be remembered by his friends and family as a hero.

David’s wife, Mattie, and their children are struggling to adjust to life without him. Although she can’t imagine life without him, she knows he is still there. For now she is taking care of their two sons who have autism; they plan to rebuild their home atop the ashes with hopes that David is still with them.

Net Worth

David Badgwell has an estimated net worth of $70 million. As a baseball player and former member of the Houston Astros, he has set numerous records and achieved many successes throughout his career.

He is married to Mattie and they have two children on the autism spectrum. They reside in Cleveland.

They have been together for two decades. He was a hardworking man who always put the family’s needs before his own.

His wife remembered him as an incredible father and man of character. He enjoyed camping and hunting, a true outdoorsman who enjoyed life to its fullest.

The couple lived in Cleveland with their two autistic teenagers. For two decades, they owned and loved the home they lived in – it provided them with security and comfort. It’s where they felt safe.

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