David Barksdale

David Barksdale

David Barksdale was born in Sallis, Mississippi to Virginia and Charlie Barksdale and rose to become an influential American gang leader. He led groups such as Maniac Latin Disciples, Satan’s Disciples and Black Gangster Disciples.

Back then, black street gangs were few and far between; but Barksdale broke this mold by leading the largest ever formed. Additionally, he founded the legendary Black Disciples Nation.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

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He was born in Sallis, Mississippi and moved with his family to Chicago, Illinois in 1957. As a teenager, Barksdale began his career as a gang leader for the Black Disciples.

Achievement and Honors

Barksdale was one of West Virginia’s most successful basketball coaches, leading Beckley to five Class AAA championships and multiple state tournament appearances.

He also led his team to the 1948 Olympic Games, where they faced off against Kentucky in Lexington – marking the first time an African-American had been on a national basketball team.

Inducted into the Woodrow Wilson Hall of Fame in 2002, Barksdale and his Flying Eagles have become iconic icons of high school basketball. Today he and former Beckley point guard Gene Nabors will be honored during Woodrow’s game against Hurricane in the WJLS Classic at The Armory.

Susan Barksdale Howorth and Betsy Barksdale Pokorny chose to endow a scholarship in their mother’s name through the Ole Miss Women’s Council for Philanthropy. Through this gesture, young people are reminded that they can make an impact by choosing where and how they invest their resources.

Personal Life

David Barksdale was born in Sallis, Mississippi on May 24, 1947 as the tenth child of Virginia and Charlie Barksdale.

After his family relocated to Chicago in 1957, Barksdale began his career as a street gang leader. He first joined the Maniac Latin Disciples before becoming head of Black Disciple Nation.

The Black Disciples were one of the most influential gangs in Chicago, known for their violence and hatred toward other Chicago gangs and non-members alike. In 1968, they became embroiled in a bitter gang war against rivals The Black Stone Rangers.

Net Worth

Barksdale was a notorious Chicago gangster born on May 24, 1947 and tragically passed away September 2, 1974. He founded the Black Disciples street gang and remains to this day an iconic figure within that organization.

David Barksdale endured many battles throughout his career, including battles against his own family members. Additionally, he was heavily involved in drug trafficking activities which earned him an enormous net worth.

He was married to Yvonne Barksdale and fathered 3 children: David Jr, Melinda, and Ronnie. Sadly, at the age of 27, he passed away from kidney failure.

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