David Baughman

David Baughman – Actor – Born on Month Day 1812 in Birth Place, Pennsylvania

David Baughman is a deaf actor best known for his role as Eric Plunkett in “Campus Nightmares” (Gallaudet Murders). He has also appeared in other movies and TV shows.

He is the 38th President of NTID Student Congress and previously served as President of NTID Drama Club. As President, he works to promote ethics on campus by addressing issues like audism, racism, sexism, hazing and vandalism.

Early Life and Education

On December 24, 1812, David Bachman was born to Johannes Bachman and Elizabeth Bachman in Pennsylvania to their respective families: Jacob Baughman, Magdalena Baughman and 3 others.

On June 30th 1884, David married Mary Ann Baughman at age 30 in Marriage Place, Colorado. Together they had six children: Alice Pearl Hurlburt, Jonathan Curtis Baughman and 4 other children.

He served on Greenville Borough Council for more than 55 years, serving as chairman twice and being instrumental in founding GALSA (Greenville Area Little League). Additionally, he made significant contributions to local history and was an ardent sportsman. Survived by his children and other family members, they kindly request that in lieu of flowers you make a donation to your favorite charity.

Professional Career

Dave Baughman is a professional photographer and filmmaker whose work has earned him numerous accolades. His images have been featured on several national television networks and the Huffington Post, while his film Bhutto was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Dave is a managing director at Farmland Management Services and oversees their North American farmland acquisitions and divestitures program. His responsibilities include leading an experienced team in sourcing and disposing of investment opportunities, handling escrow and due diligence procedures, as well as cultivating strategic alliances. A licensed managing broker in Illinois, Dave holds an Accredited Farm Manager designation from the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers.

Achievement and Honors

Dave Baughman was an outstanding athlete renowned for his skills in wrestling. He earned four-time NCAA qualification and two-time All-American honoree status.

He also coached the Grove City (Pa.) Wolverines to 36 wins, which tied for their program record. He earned his bachelor’s degree in education from Grove City and master’s in recreation resource management from North Carolina State University.

At NASA Langley Research Center, he earned the Agency’s prestigious Early Career Achievement Medal for his exceptional and significant performance during the first 10 years of service to NASA. His contributions have spanned multiple fields of science, engineering and technical work at Langley Research Center and are highly valued.

Personal Life

Dave Baughman lived a full and satisfying life. He loved his family deeply, was an amazing father and grandfather, as well as being a dear friend to many. Additionally, Dave was heavily involved in his community and an avid golfer.

He volunteered at PVH for 23 years, and is still employed there as a valet in the visitor parking lot. It was one of his most rewarding times because he got to interact with patients and staff alike.

David was an exemplary worker and immensely proud of his profession. He also had a generous heart, always having time for others in need. David was truly a friend to many; his smile and zest for life will remain with us forever.

Net Worth

David Baughman is a journeyman carpenter with an estimated net worth between $50-74K. This figure has been calculated based on social and professional factors.

He is a shareholder of both Baxter International Inc and Emerson Electric Co, with total holdings exceeding $1 Million dollars, as per his latest filing with the SEC. In 2012 he made stock trades worth nearly $1 Million dollars; most recently exercising 24,500 units of EMR stock on January 2nd 2013 for $939,575 based on their most recent trading price. There have been many other transactions over time but these are his only publicly known insider trades – you can view his entire trading history by clicking the link below.

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