David Botrous

David Botrous, a Smyrna Dad and a Co-Founder of Snapchat

David Botrous is a paralegal who assists attorneys in preparing litigation files from pre-suit to trial. Additionally, he conducts legal investigative research including securing and reviewing public records as well as privileged information.

Recently, Kevin Botrous spoke to a WZRN reporter about the brutal attack that left his son Kevin Botrous in a two-day coma at Stewarts Creek High School.

Early Life and Education

David Botrous reports his son Kevin was severely beaten at school last Friday. A student is accused of throwing him into a vending machine and then hitting him while he was unconscious.

A father from Smyrna is encouraging students to stay safe. His son was in 9th grade at Stewarts Creek High School when he was attacked by another student, who shoved and slammed him into a vending machine so hard that Kevin passed out. Additionally, Kevin says the student kept beating him until he finally succumbed after two days in a coma.

Professional Career

David Botrous is an accomplished professional with extensive expertise across numerous industries and sectors. He began his career in real estate before transitioning into finance where he served as Senior Payments Solution Architect for a major Australian bank. David Botrous has extensive legal experience, particularly in superannuation and taxation. Recognized for his ability to navigate complex legal matters, David Botrous has been involved in some of Australia’s largest financial transactions. He is an expert at negotiating large transactions and has the unique ability to close deals quickly. Additionally, he loves staying abreast of technology advances. Despite his busy professional life, he still finds time for leisure activities with his wife and two children: hiking in the outdoors or playing golf.

Achievement and Honors

David Botrous, a Smyrna father, is speaking out after his son was brutally assaulted at school last Friday. He claims another student grabbed him from his backpack, threw him into a vending machine, then beat him until he was unconscious.

He expressed his hope that people would recognize what transpired so they can take action to protect children.

His post-graduation plans include attending medical school and becoming a physician, with the ultimate goal of improving healthcare in his community.

He is an electrical engineering major from Avon, Indiana with a 3.95 GPA and has twice been recognized among the Top 100 students at IUPUI. As part of his Honors College experience, his favorite memory is spending time in the Honors lounge with friends.

Personal Life

David Botrous is a proud father of two. He and his wife enjoy playing board games, watching movies, reading books and cheering on the Carolina Hurricanes. Furthermore, Dr Botrous enjoys running and competitive dancing for fun. Additionally, David Botrous’ philanthropy and devotion to helping others are matched by their devotion to their families as well as to society at large.

The doctor may not be among the finalist for his medical school’s vale of prize, but he certainly has no shortage of accolades to demonstrate for his significant contributions to healthcare. He founded one of CCHS-MD’s most successful programs and remains an active member of its alumni association.

Net Worth

David Botrous is a cofounder of Snap, the popular social media app. As its CTO, he has spearheaded many of its most innovative features such as disappearing messages and Stories. Holding 44% of Snap’s voting stock gives him control over its future; additionally, his stake in Kraton Corp extends beyond it; estimated net worth $3 billion. David and Spiegel’s friendship dates back to their college days when both were part of the same fraternity at Stanford; they are renowned for their hands-on approach to business which they share with a close-knit group of product designers.

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