David Broussard

David Broussard

David Broussard is a professor at Ochsner Medical Center and an expert in anesthesiology.

He specializes in the paleontology of Late Devonian (365 to 360 million years ago) vertebrates, particularly extinct groups of fishes and early tetrapods (four-limbed animals). His research incorporates paleontology, sedimentology, taphonomy, geochronology and palynology to gain an understanding of the terrestrial ecosystems preserved within Catskill Formation strata.

Early Life and Education

David Broussard is the second of four siblings born to New Iberia and Bogalusa, Louisiana. His hardworking attitude earned him a successful career in the service industry.

He was a loving son, brother, husband and father who enjoyed spending time with family, playing golf and drinking Dr. Pepper while eating Texas BBQ.

He was an astute businessman with an expert understanding of marketing and communications. His quick wit made him one of the most sought-after individuals in his field, while his pride and joy of having two sons made him even more popular. Though sadly missed by many, we can rejoice knowing he is with God now – please keep them in your prayers. Below is a brief list of some of his many contributions to society.

Professional Career

David Broussard is a veteran in the construction industry with more than 10 years of experience under his belt.

David Broussard is a veteran of Eaton Construction Company and Red Stick Construction Company, as well as owning his own company, David Broussard Construction LLC.

He holds most AV technical certifications, such as Extron, Crestron, AMX, Cisco, Symetrix, BSS and Audinate. He has completed many successful AV projects for companies like Rice University, Texas Children’s Hospital, US Oncology and Fluor Daniels.

Achievements and Honors

David Broussard has had a lasting effect on the world through his work. As professor at LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication, he has been recognized with several prestigious university awards.

He is also an active participant in his community, serving as a volunteer on the board of directors for United Way of Iberia Parish and helping to provide assistance to local families in need.

Broussard is particularly proud to have been one of Louisiana’s highest scoring ACT students – an impressive feat for any high school senior.

Broussard’s research focuses on Late Devonian (365 to 360 million years ago) vertebrates, such as extinct fish species and early tetrapods. By combining paleontology, sedimentology, taphonomy and geochronology he hopes to gain a better understanding of how these early tetrapods transitioned from aquatic to terrestrial habitats.

Personal Life

David Broussard was a proud father of four and an active member in his community, serving on the board of directors at his local Boys and Girls club for more than two decades.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of Catholic High School, serving as Director Emeritus on its alumni board until his passing.

He was a dedicated husband to his long time partner, Geraldine. His many admiring fans will miss him dearly. Survived by two brothers Joseph Broussard and Rodney Broussard; one sister Mary Benjamin; niece Geraldine Roberts; grandson Ava Bourgeois; as well as several cousins all grieving his loss, we can honor his memory by carrying on his legacy through others.

Net Worth

David Broussard has an estimated net worth of $102 million. He is a businessman who has been active in the stock market since 2003, owning Humana (HUM) and other stocks.

He served as President & CEO of Humana in 2020, earning a base salary of $1,349,465. Additionally, he received stock awards of $8,510,832 and option awards of $2,809,535 along with other earnings, plans or compensation totaling $3,292,020.

He has made 33 trades of Humana stock since 2008, currently owning 98,534 units. Additionally, he holds US Physical Therapy Inc and HP Inc – more information can be found in his Latest Holding Summary. In March 2014 he exercised 124,868 Humana shares according to our Insider Trading Tracker table for further insight on him and his stock trades.

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