David Butts

David Butts – A Lifelong Christian

David Butts was a renowned Christian author, speaker and leader. His mission was to equip local churches to become Houses of Prayer for all nations, unleash God’s power for revival and complete world evangelization.

He holds degrees from Lincoln Christian College (1975), Indiana State University and Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary. Together with his wife Kim, he founded Harvest Prayer Ministries in 1993.

Early Life and Education

David butts was born in New York City to a working-class single mother who struggled with poverty.

Betty Falco had hoped to provide her baby with love and stability through adoption, but it didn’t work out that way for her. Instead, she found a Jewish couple willing to take him in.

Butts attended Morehouse College, where he became active in civil rights work and joined Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. Additionally, he served in multiple churches.

Butts earned his bachelor’s degree from Morehouse and master’s from Union Theological Seminary before earning a doctorate of ministry from Drew University. As head pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York, he also led prayer journeys to Israel as part of his mission for revival within America.

Professional Career

David Butts has spent most of his professional career in law and business. He has been involved in a range of transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions for numerous pharmaceutical clients throughout North America and Europe.

He is an expert in finance and accounting. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in accounting from Millsaps College as well as an MBA from the University of Georgia.

Butts had been a business owner for four decades, starting with his college summer job selling encyclopedias door-to-door. Later, he joined Core Engineered Solutions as Vice President/Sales and played an integral role in their success. Dave’s passing is a tremendous loss to both his employer and colleagues alike; his friendship and professionalism will be missed by all who had the chance to work alongside him.

Achievements and Honors

David Butts was an illustrious and accomplished individual. A decorated Air Force officer, state legislator in Indiana, and proud supporter of his alma mater’s football program, David enjoyed spending time with his family by tending his large garden of roses, teaching his children and serving the Lord both locally and abroad.

David Butts may not be a household name, but his contributions to scientific research have earned him numerous honors and accolades. These include the NSF Lifetime Achievement Award for his work on food safety. Additionally, he holds memberships in both Society for the Advancement of Science and the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers; in addition, he frequently guest speaks at national and international conferences on topics ranging from forensics to neuroscience.

Personal Life

David Butts was a passionate Christian and had an undying devotion to the Lord. He and his wife Kim sought to see Israel come to know Jesus, while praying for revival around the globe.

He served as a leader of Harvest Prayer Ministries, an organization which equips churches to become Houses of Prayer. Furthermore, he served as chairman of the board of Pioneer Bible Translators for two decades.

Net Worth

David Butts is a pastor and president of Harvest Prayer Ministries. Additionally, he serves as chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee and is an influential speaker on prayer and revival.

Butts has an estimated net worth of $2 million, garnered from his successful career as CEO of H-E-B, a chain of grocery stores across Texas and Mexico.

However, Butts and his family share ownership in H-E-B with other members of the Butt family, so Forbes recently changed its methodology and removed Butt from its billionaires list and into the “family fortune” category due to this shared ownership arrangement, according to a magazine spokesperson.

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