David Bwambok

David Bwambok – Former Cal State San Marcos Professor Accused of Sexual Harassment

David Bwambok was a former professor at Cal State San Marcos who became embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. According to campus investigations by the Title IX office, his conduct was egregious.

Instead of taking disciplinary action against him and another professor, Roger Morrissette, the university reached an amicable settlement with them that included voluntary resignations, paid administrative leave and, in one instance, expunging records of disciplinary action from their personnel files.

Early Life and Education

According to an investigation report published by the Los Angeles Times, Bwambok’s professional life took an abrupt turn when he was accused of sexual misconduct. In early 2019, a former student claimed he invited her into his office for a catchup and made her feel uncomfortable by touching her. Campus police and Bwambok’s department chairman both investigated the incident and warned him against it. As a result of their review process, university authorities agreed with them; taking documents out of his personnel file while paying him administrative leave as compensation.

Achievements and Honors

David bwambok has earned many notable honors and awards throughout his career, such as Pushcart Prizes, back-to-back Florida Book Awards, and a finalist position for the National Book Award. Additionally, his charitable works and leadership in Cedar Hill were recognized earlier this year when the City of Cedar Hill presented him with a Distinctive Character Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his exceptional service to the community. Unfortunately due to health reasons he could not attend in person but sent a video response via cell phone connection instead. David feels proud to have earned this recognition and looks forward to continuing serving those around him.

Personal Life

A former student of Bwambok’s claimed he invited her into his office for a quick catchup, with what she described as an uncomfortable hug. She and her mother reported the incident to campus police and Title IX office, leading to notification by Cal State San Marcos that Bwambok would be dismissed from his position. After filing an appeal, however, Bwambok agreed to remove documents related to his disciplinary action from his personnel file in exchange for not further proceedings. The Times obtained these settlements through California’s open records law; Cal State San Marcos did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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