David Countryman

David Countryman – A General Surgeon in Charleston, SC

David Countryman is a General Surgeon in Charleston, SC with more than 43 years of experience. To find contact details, hospital affiliations, ratings and more on Healthgrades, click here.

Papers (1973-2007, undated) document his professional life. These include correspondence, technical papers and research proposals as well as copies of his published works.

Early Life and Education

David Countryman was born on October 2, 1935 in Dallas County, Iowa to John H. and Alice Rausch. He grew up on a farm and attended Park College before earning a degree in psychology. Following college, David worked for Younkers and Meadow Gold Dairy in Des Moines; Collins Radio in Cedar Rapids; Sacred Heart School and Church in Monticello; as well as Walmart West Des Moines.

Ray Stannard Baker achieved a long-lasting fame for his poignant essays about rural life, written under the pseudonym David Grayson. The Ray Stannard Baker Collection primarily contains his writings and correspondence but also includes some material related to his journalistic career. Furthermore, Baker’s long residence in Amherst, Massachusetts and connection with the Jones Library are evident within these contents of this collection.

Professional Career

David Countryman is an accomplished professional in the field of information technology. His deep comprehension of regulatory and compliance framework has allowed companies such as Promontory Financial Group to meet their strategic objectives through designing and implementing IT solutions that enhance security and safeguard intellectual property. Currently, David serves as account manager at Isilon Systems where he applies his knowledge in IT to help customers maximize their cloud deployments.

David is a proud Georgia Tech alumni with a B.S in Applied Biology with high honors. He has earned several awards for his medical contributions to the community and currently teaches surgery at both Medical University of South Carolina and Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Administration Medical Center in Charleston, South Carolina.

Achievement and Honors

David Countryman’s tenure as a faculty member at Georgia Tech was marked by numerous notable accomplishments. One of his most prestigious honors was being awarded the Academy Award for Technical Achievement – an amazing recognition for any engineer.

David Countryman strived to be the best in his field and it showed through his numerous awards. Additionally, he is inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame – an honor given to individuals who have made a lasting impact on both faculty and students alike.

David Countryman is a proud graduate of Stanford University and proud member of the class of ’73. When not working or playing golf, he enjoys traveling and spending time with family. Furthermore, David serves as an active volunteer within his community as well as being an inspirational mentor to students.

Personal Life

David Countryman was born in Ottumwa, Iowa and earned a bachelor’s degree in forest management from Iowa State University as well as master’s and doctorate degrees in forestry from the University of Michigan.

He served as professor of forestry at Iowa State University from 1980 until his retirement in 2000. During this time, he taught various forestry courses and published numerous papers on the economic and ecological advantages of woodlands.

He was also a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Midwest Forest Economists, earning him both the Webster County (Iowa) Soil Conservation Award and Certificate of Appreciation from the American Forest Council. Furthermore, he served on the Forest Stewardship Committee of Iowa Department of Natural Resources while remaining dedicated to his family life.

Net Worth

David Countryman is an actor and theatre producer who has amassed a considerable fortune throughout his career. With a net worth of more than million dollars, Countryman enjoys the success of his endeavors.

He has several projects in development that he hopes will make him wealthy. His latest endeavor, Dear Evan Hansen, has already achieved incredible success at the box office.

He and his wife Hila Klein run the YouTube channel h3h3Productions, with some of their most popular videos garnering tens of millions of views each. Additionally, the couple own a home in Los Angeles together.

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