David Cravea

David Cravea

David Bret is a renowned author of show business biographies. He has penned biographies on Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf and Maurice Chevalier for various publications.

He has been sober for 34 years and shares his knowledge, strength and hope to help men and women overcome their alcoholism. As a mentor and speaker throughout the United States, he serves as an inspiration to those struggling with substance abuse disorders.

Professional Career

Professional careers are a series of roles and experiences that define an individual’s life. They may be shaped by decisions made, education received, training received and work profiles. Doctors would be considered professionals in medicine while artists are considered professionals within art. A professional career typically involves higher education which emphasizes personal autonomy and rational planning; more specialized expertise or skills may also be included as well as employment contracts or professional titles.

David cravea is a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, master of transformation and captivating public speaker who empowers others to make significant and long-lasting changes in their lives. His clients have consistently praised him highly for his services.

Achievement and Honors

David cravea has had an immense impact on the music industry. He is a musician, recording artist, composer and songwriter that has collaborated with some of music’s biggest names such as Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Enrique Iglesias, Little Steven and Red Dawn. His compositions and orchestration have earned him top ten singles, millions in sales and numerous Grammy nominations. Furthermore, David cravea has maintained an active educational career by giving lectures at Berklee College of Music (where he graduated in 1981) and Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins University.

Personal Life

David cravea is an inspiring motivational speaker, author and hypnotherapist dedicated to helping others overcome their difficulties and find lasting success. As an expert on the Law of Attraction, his knowledge has earned him a worldwide reputation. A devout Christian for over half his life, David’s faith has kept him going during difficult times. Additionally, David has dedicated his time towards volunteering for various charities and volunteer programs over the years.

Dave has lived in Burundi for over 30 years, and he is an active participant of his local church. A committed member of the 12-step program, his passion for Christianity has led him to seek further understanding about Jesus Christ. Additionally, Dave volunteers regularly with Community Hospice.

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