David Doulet

David Doulet

David Doubilet is an accomplished underwater photographer who has dedicated decades to capturing images of marine life and their habitats. His passion for photography has allowed him to capture stunning underwater shots that reflect both their beauty and the diversity of this environment.

At the age of twelve, he began taking pictures underwater with his Brownie Hawkeye camera. To protect it from water damage, he placed it inside a rubber anesthesiologist’s bag.

Early Life and Education

David Doulet was born in New York City on November 28, 1946 and has been an underwater photographer ever since. His images capture underwater animals and the environment he loves; he has been published by National Geographic Magazine where he serves as a contributing photographer and has written 70 feature articles since 1971.

David Doubilet has always had an affinity for marine life and exploring the oceans. At age eight he started snorkeling off the shores of New Jersey, where he grew up. Additionally, due to an asthmatic condition which restricted his breathing, David developed an extra appreciation for sea life and all its inhabitants. Today his passion for underwater photography remains undiminished; he travels around the world with his wife Jennifer Hayes while photographing and diving together.

Professional Career

David Roland Doublet had a distinguished career as a legal scholar, teacher and mentor. His expertise encompassed the processes, structures and forms of government in democracies; he sought to introduce students to the breadth of European jurisprudential thought which examined these matters, particularly with respect to constitutional roles and limitations for governments and courts.

Doublet’s teaching career at Bond University was immensely productive. He served as Visiting Professor on three occasions and offered courses to undergraduates and postgraduates on ‘Government, Politics and Law’. Furthermore, he developed an integrated first semester system for the School that utilized small group tutorials with continuous assessment rather than just one final examination.

Achievements and Honors

David Doulet has enjoyed a thriving career in the music industry. He produced hit songs for popular artists like Celine Dion, Josh Groban and Michael Buble, while also showing his philanthropic side by helping children who needed medical transplants.

He has also worked as a photographer for National Geographic Magazine, photographing various subjects and contributing stories to the publication.

He has received numerous accolades for his work, including being named the best social media personality by Piper Jaffray in a financial analyst survey and becoming the fifth most-watched YouTuber. More recently, he hosted Dodgeball Thunderdome, where he competed against fellow competitors in an intense dodgeball match.

Personal Life

David Doubilet is an award-winning National Geographic photographer and ocean conservancy expert who travels around the globe to document the underwater beauty. His breathtaking underwater photographs showcase emotion in animals like this baby harp seal’s face.

He also teaches courses at Bond University, visiting three times in July and August 2000 to offer a course to undergraduate and postgraduate students on ‘Government, Politics and the Law.’

Doubilet was an attentive parent to his three children despite his busy work schedule. He always put their needs first and took them with him on trips abroad. He was known for his cheerful personality and good natured sense of humour; a true friend who enjoyed getting close to people.

Net Worth

David Doulet amassed a considerable net worth throughout his lifetime as an acclaimed academic and expert on legal theory. He was widely regarded as an inspiring teacher with expertise on topics such as constitutional law, government in democracies and the role of courts. He had an in-depth knowledge of European jurisprudence and introduced his students to the variety of legal thought that had addressed these topics. A gregarious, energetic individual with a passion for social justice and human rights issues, he was also an inspiring friend and mentor to colleagues, students, and family members. Survived by his wife Karen and three children, he was a dedicated father and husband who worked tirelessly towards improving his family’s situation.

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