David Dragoo

David Dragoo is a Two-Wheeler

While searching for a home for their fly-fishing company, David Dragoo and his dad Doug visited sites throughout Utah, California, and Arizona. Ultimately they settled on a 164 acre parcel along Montrose’s Uncompahgre River.

Federal, state and local incentives spurred them to settle in Montrose where they have since developed Colorado Outdoors into one of three outdoor-industry parks on the Western Slope.

Early Life and Education

David Dragoo is an alumnus of Georgia Tech who graduated from Summa Cum Laude in 2009 with a degree in Economics.

After graduation, he began playing professionally in 2010. He finished as runner-up at the 2010 Canadian Tour Qualifying School and since has participated on the Canadian Tour.

Dragoo has his sights set on making the PGA Tour this summer. He’s working hard both on the Canadian circuit and abroad in preparation for qualifying for PGA Q School next fall.

He remains connected to his former teammates and the Georgia Tech program, visiting Head Coach Bruce Heppler and the team regularly. Last Monday he was back at Georgia Tech to play golf with them as they prepared for the Southwest Regional.

Professional Career

David Dragoo enjoys two-wheeling, whether it’s going down a mountain pass alone or leading an American expedition through Africa with an expedition team of adventure riders. That includes amateur motocross racing, road cruising, enduro riding and anything else involving two wheels with an engine.

He and his father Doug Ross Reels are co-founders of Mayfly Outdoors and proud to be building one of fly fishing tackle’s most esteemed brands. When selecting where to locate their new headquarters, Montrose quickly rose to the top of their list.

He draws from his business expertise to serve the Colorado Economic Development Commission (EDC), which administers hundreds of millions of dollars in competitive tax credits and investments for companies looking to expand or relocate. Reappointed in February by Sen. Leroy Garcia, Senate president, he was recognized by ColoradoBiz magazine as one of the Top-5 most influential young professionals in the state.

Achievement and Honors

Dragoo, founder, president and CEO of RepuCare Inc. as well as co-founder of the Indiana Conference for Women, is an acclaimed business woman and respected community and philanthropic figure.

She is one of Central Indiana Business Hall of Fame Laureates and is renowned for her leadership and mentoring efforts. Her success in business has not come through luck or any one event; rather, it is the result of hard work, discipline, and dedication.

She is an active member of the Golden Triangle business community, participating in various community and professional organizations. Additionally, her passions lie with outdoor adventure, public lands conservation and river conservation – making her a great advocate for river conservation! Best of all? Her support is always there when needed!

Personal Life

David Dragoo is an acclaimed entrepreneur who has founded multiple businesses. Currently, he serves as President of Mayfly, an outdoor products company.

He is actively engaged in real estate and river conservation initiatives. He’s spearheading projects such as Colorado Outdoors in Montrose, Colorado – a 164-acre public-private partnership designed to revitalize the area and restore its local riverway.

He is also a board member for the State of Ohio Economic Development Corporation and, in this capacity, sits on their Public Private Partnership, P3 Subcommittee.

Net Worth

David Dragoo is a renowned Colorado outdoorsman and businessman with an estimated net worth of over $1 million. He founded Mayfly Outdoors and currently sits on the Colorado Economic Development Commission.

He is a celebrity dermatologist and the Chief Medical Officer at LaserAway. His success as a healthcare provider has contributed to his impressive net worth.

He was born on October 5, 1952 in Argentina and currently resides alone at 67 years old. Although he prefers to keep his private life private, his past relationships may have had some influence over who he chooses to surround himself with.

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